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3 Reasons Why We Should Buy American Made Food and Treats for Our Pets

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For decades now, we have been hearing frequently in the news that we should not purchase or consume any food products made in China because we may not always be getting what the label says we’re getting. This is partially due to China’s food exports to the United States growing very quickly since they joined the World Trade Organization in 2000 and partially due to the low safety standards that currently exist in Chinese factories.

  1. Safety

The same is true for the food and treats our pets consume. Everyone should remember hearing of the melamine pet food recall of 2007, which killed around 3600 dogs and cats. Melamine, a chemical compound used in making plastics and which should not be used in any consumables, was found in different brands of pet food whose ingredients were sourced from China. Melamine has been found in food shipments from China as recently as 2011. Chinese factories have been known to cut corners and substitute other unsafe ingredients like melamine into food products. This is just one reason that we should purchase American-made and sourced pet food and treats for our dogs and cats.

USA-made rawhides are a product of the leather industry, and USA-made rawhides are few and far between because there are only 30 tanneries in the USA! A huge amount of wastewater is produced during rawhide production in a tannery, which is expensive to treat. The wastewater is produced at every step in the tanning process and contains any chemicals used to treat the rawhide. In China, testing and treatment of wastewater are not very common, so many Chinese rawhide producers will use less expensive, much harsher chemicals on their rawhides.

  1. Quality

A second reason to always buy American-made pet food and treats for our pets is that when our food is made in the USA, it’s typically of better quality. One delicious example of a USA-made treat for our dogs is Wholesome Hide’s Rawhide Dog Chews. Wholesome Hide’s rawhides are usually thicker, cleaner and more durable than rawhide chews made overseas. You can see the difference when you cut into a Wholesome Hide rawhide vs. an overseas rawhide.

Pictured above is an American-made rawhide (left) and a made in china rawhide (right). The bits and pieces in the made in china rawhide are an extreme choking hazard. When choosing a rawhide for your pup, be sure that you can see each layer of the roll from the sides, sort of like a cinnamon roll!

Another great example of American quality is Tasman’s Natural Pet’s Buffalo Rawhides. Tasman’s Natural Pet is a company that knows exactly where their buffalo are raised and that they were eating in pesticide-free prairies when they were sourced. Their rawhides are hypo-allergenic, containing no beef or other common food allergens. Tasman’s Natural Pet is a family-owned company based in Louisville, Kentucky and founded in 1947. They have a tannery in Hartford, Wisconsin and often use the entire bison hide including the top full grain layer, compared to other rawhide producers who usually only use the second layer.

My dogs love both of these rawhide options!

  1. Support Local Economies

And a third reason to always buy American made and sourced food and treats is to support our local economies! Hollywood Feed does this by supporting the local economies in several states through their Mississippi Made line of beds, collars, bow ties, and their Made in Georgia treats. Any company who employs people here in the USA and then sources food ingredients from farmers in the USA, helps to support the American economy.

Mississippi Made Rectangle Dog Bed (left) and the Made in Georgia smoked treats (right).

I know that it can be convenient to pick up food for our dog or cat while we are doing our own grocery shopping, but I think you will most likely find that your local grocery’s selection does not compare to the safe and natural food and chews available for your pet at Hollywood Feed! None of Hollywood Feed’s consumables ever come from China, so you can shop with confidence knowing that your pup is getting only the highest quality ingredients.

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