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4 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week

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National Pet Week is designated as the first week in May each year. It’s a time to show appreciation for all the pets we love and commit to promoting responsible pet ownership. Through the ups and downs, our pets are always here for us. Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of the extraordinary bond between humans and our pets. So even though this week might be hectic, take some time to celebrate your animal BFFs.

1. Take a Hike


A woman on a hike with her dog.

Exercise is important for both humans and pets. Not only does regular exercise help maintain a healthy weight, it is also key to promoting mental health. If the weather is nice, enjoy a walk or hike with your dog. The fresh air will be beneficial for you both!

2. Make Time for Playtime

A cat playing with a toy.

Pets who are stimulated physically and mentally are typically better behaved and less destructive. Playing fetch or tug of war with your dog helps increase your pup’s focus and mood. Using a feather wand to bring out your cat’s inner hunter will also help keep your cat active and happy.

So next time your dog brings the rope toy and plops it in your lap, or your cat paws its favorite toy over to your feet, take some time to enjoy playing with them. You could even surprise your pet with a fun, new toy this week!

3. Feed Them Well

A basset hound eating food in the outdoors.Just like with humans, a healthy diet is crucial to overall health and well-being. The right diet can help keep your pets feeling their best and aid in weight management. The same goes for treats. Check food and treat labels to make sure the ingredients listed are simple and nutritious.

Treat your pet to a special snack this week!

4. More Cuddles

A dog being pet by children.

For most animal lovers, snuggling with your pet is a given, but there’s evidence petting and cuddling with our pets actually helps reduce stress and prompts the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. So show your pets some extra love this National Pet Week. With all the love and friendship they give us each day, they deserve it.





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