dog wearing a lime green and blue life jacket on the beach

5 Fun Summer Activities For Your Pets

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5 Fun Summer Activities For Your Pets

Summer is here and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with your furry best friend. Whether you have a dog or cat, there are plenty of activities to keep them busy and happy all summer long. Read on for 5 fun summer activities for your pets! From swimming to taking hikes, getting out in the summer sun is a fun way to spend time with your pets. However, always make sure you and your pets are safe and hydrated when doing any outdoor activities!  And don’t forget to comment below some fun summer activities you do with your pet!

dog wearing a Kurgo lime and blue life jacket running on the beach
Check out Rambo modeling Kurgo’s life jacket while playing at the beach!

Go swimming

Swimming is a great way to get exercise and stay cool during the hot summer months. If your pet is comfortable in the water, take them out for a swim at a lake or pool. Make sure you’re always supervising them so they don’t tire out too much in the heat. Safety is always first when it comes to swimming and your pets! Shop Kurgo Life Jackets at Hollywood Feed before your next excursion to the lake or pool with your furry friend!

Have a picnic

Picnics are a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air with your pet. Pack up some treats and toys for your pet to enjoy while you relax in the sunshine. Check out our DIY dog-safe Paw-psicle recipes from one of our Hollywood Feed University Master Classes you can make for your picnic! DIY dog or cat recipes are a great way to make healthy and fun treats for your pet.

Another thing you can bring for your picnic is Dexas Pooch Pouches for treats and the Dexas Snack Duo bottle. These products will help you carry water and snacks for you and your pet easily. Just be mindful of any wildlife that might be attracted by the food while you are at your picnic!

gray and white dog playing fetch on a sunny dayPlay fetch

This classic game can be played almost anywhere, from a park to your own backyard. Take your pet’s favorite toy (or ball) out for a round of fetch in an open space away from traffic or other distractions. If it is a particularly hot summer day, try and find a shaded area to play fetch, or go during the early morning hours or later in the evening when temperatures are not as hot. Not only will this give them some exercise, but it also provides mental stimulation as they search for their beloved toy! Playing fetch is also a really great way to bond with your dog. Playing fetch during the summer can be tiring, so make sure you keep your dog hydrated and if they show any signs of heat exhaustion, stop playing fetch immediately.

Read our blog from our Master Class by Katy Fogt, DVM titled Effects of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs. Look out for these symptoms of heat exhaustion in your pet:

  • Rapid panting and heart rate
  • Bright red gums and tongue
  • Poor pulses
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Weakness and depression
  • Dehydration
  • Hypovolemic shock (Hypovolemic shock occurs when there is a decrease in the dog’s total blood volume due to blood loss internally or externally. Signs of hypovolemic shock are pale gums, weakened but faster heart rate or pulse, and cold feet and ears.)
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). (DIC is a disease that affects the ability of blood to clot. Initially, small clots form throughout the body, which uses up all the clotting factors; resulting in uncontrollable bleeding of the dog. Signs of DIC include nosebleeds, bruising, and small red dots on the skin (hemorrhages).)fluffy cat laying down next to some purple flowers
  • Acute renal failure (ARF)

Take a nature hike

Exploring nature with your pet is an exciting experience for both you and them! Bring along some snacks for energy, lots of water, and sun protection, and make sure to pay attention to signs about wildlife or restricted areas before venturing off the beaten path.

Have an outdoor movie night

Watching movies under the stars is one of life’s greatest joys! Set up an outdoor projector screen if you have one available, or just prop up an old laptop on top of something sturdy like chairs or tables (just make sure they won’t move!). Don’t forget blankets and pillows so everyone can get cozy while enjoying their favorite movie together!

With these 5 fun summer activities for your pets, you can keep your pet busy all summer long! Pets love spending time outdoors – it’s important to remember that safety should always come first when taking your furry friends on new adventures outside. The key is finding activities that both you and your pet will enjoy doing together that is safe yet stimulating enough to keep boredom at bay – then just sit back and watch as their tails wag with happiness! Enjoy this special bonding time with your four-legged family member this summer season!

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