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6 Ways Puppies and Babies are Just Alike!

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Puppies and babies are just the cutest, right? There’s nothing better for bringing a smile to my face than an adorable puppy or baby headed my way. I’ve had years of experience playing with puppies, but my husband and I have just recently found out that I am pregnant with two babies of our own! So, of course, now I have had babies on the brain. I have been wondering how prepared I am for motherhood, so I have started finding ways to compare babies to puppies, so I can talk myself into feeling more confident!

1. Babies and puppies are both really cute.

This one is obvious, right? Nothing more needs to be said. I don’t think I’ll have a problem thinking my babies are adorable!

A young girl hugging a yellow lab.

2. Pee and poop are always hanging out around babies and puppies.

It’s not the most pleasant part of having a baby or puppy, but it is reality. They both pee and poop a lot, and not always when and where we would prefer. It takes determined and routine housebreaking/potty training to get them each to pee and poop in their designated areas! I have experience with housebreaking. In fact, I may have it down to an art. Give me two weeks and I’ll give you a housebroken puppy. But I hear children are a little more willful than eager to please puppies! Read my Foolproof Guide to Housebreaking New Puppies and also read about how I keep my backyard clean and odor free here.

A filled poop bag sitting on concrete.

3. Babies and puppies both suck all of our time and attention.

I know that having a new puppy around the house takes up a lot of time. Whether I am playing with the puppy, cleaning up an accident, cleaning up some trash that he shredded, cuddling the puppy, feeding him, walking him, training him….it all adds up. I am only imagining how much more time and energy a newborn baby will take (let alone two of them)!

A man and two kids reading and petting a golden retriever.

4. We spend all of our money on babies and puppies.

Food, milk, diapers, training pads, toys, shampoo, bowls, strollers, kennels…the list of supplies we get for babies and puppies is endless! But we love to buy our babies, whether human or furry, the very best because they mean the world to us! I’m busy researching all the things I will need to buy for my babies…but I already did the research on puppies! If you are adopting a new puppy, here is the ultimate supply list you can use to do some shopping at your local Hollywood Feed.

5. Puppies and babies both love to drink milk and cuddle.

This is pretty much the favorite pastime for both babies and puppies, right? Sold, I’m in! Go into your local Hollywood Feed location and pick up some goat’s milk for your puppy. You will be so glad in the future if you make this part of your new puppy’s diet early. Read about how raw goat’s milk helped my senior dog, Skeeter, here. I am hoping to be able to breastfeed two babies, but I am looking into backup plans for this as well!

A Golden retriever with a litter of puppies nursing.

6. We always feel better after holding babies and puppies.

It isn’t just me, right? After holding a baby or puppy, and looking into those sweet, trusting eyes, any stress or anger we may have been holding on to will just melt away. Then my baby voice kicks in and I start mumbling nonsense. My baby voice always gets the response I want out of my dogs (though my cats just stare at me). I hope my well-practiced baby voice will get the response I want from my babies as well!

I just love being dog mom, and I am looking forward to being a mom to two little humans very soon!

A woman hugging a baby and small terrier.

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