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7 Easy Ways to Pamper Our Pets

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Why should we pamper our pets? Because they do such a great job of loving us no matter what kind of mood we’re in on any given day! Take time today to pamper your dog or cat with a little extra affection, and make their day perfect. February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, and I say that pampering and fun are the way to go. Cats and dogs, look-out: I have 8 great ways to make you happy today!

1. Gorgeous Grooming

golden retriever puppy getting nail trimAll dogs and cats like a good brushing, and it’s especially necessary when our pets have long coats and at this time of year when dogs start blowing their winter coats. Take today to give your pet a good brushing at home. Read more about the benefits of brushing our pets.

A professional grooming is also a great treat for dogs and cats! Treat your dog to a bath and a fancy haircut by a pet professional who really cares. Check out Hollywood Feed’s grooming locations and make a spa appointment for your pet today!

2. Pet Perfume

Our pets can get a little stinky at times, especially after a hard day of playing outside. I absolutely LOVE Nootie’s Daily Spritz in the Warm Vanilla Cookie scent, though other great scents are available also. They all smell great, condition our pet’s coats, and the scent really sticks around for a long time. If my house smells like dog and I don’t have a candle available when I have company over, I spritz my dogs and cats and the whole house suddenly smells like cookies! Our pets definitely want to smell good, so give them a little spritz today!

3. Pal Around and Play

woman cuddles senior retriever
Woman playing with her dog at home.

Our dogs and cats want nothing more than for us to show them some love and play their favorite game with them! Make sure to give your pet extra playtime and attention for being such a good companion. Is your dog’s favorite toy looking a little ragged? Maybe take today to get him a new one, and watch your dog’s face light up! My Skeeter loves Hollywood Feed’s Nubbie Buddie toys, and I love them as well because there is no stuffing for him to tear out and spread all over my house! Every few weeks Skeeter’s favorite toy is mysteriously dismembered and it’s time for a new one. He loves his new toy EVERY TIME.

4. Cats Like to Climb

Let’s not forget about our cats! Cats love to observe the action from up high, climb and practice their aerobatics, and stick their nails into our furniture. The solution? Get a cat tree already! Cat trees fit into a corner of our home, they usually look pretty cool and can fit in with our current furniture, and my cats love to sleep and play in theirs. Their cat tree allows them to be high enough off the ground to be safely away from dogs while they peacefully slumber as well as taunt the dogs when they’re in that kind of mood.

5. Treasure Those Treats

little girl plays with black puppy on the sofa

Dogs and cats both enjoy a little treat every once in a while! Treat your pet to their favorite goody today. Whether it be a rawhide, chicken jerky, or that all-powerful catnip, let’s give our pets that little something extra after dinner tonight. They will thank you if they have time while they’re chewing the rawhide like they haven’t eaten in days! Shop for bones, chews and rawhides here.

6. New Collar Craving

I know we pet parents like for our dogs and cats to be clean and presentable, and they like it too! What better way to feel beautiful than by getting our pets a brand sparkling new collar and leash! Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made line has beautiful patterns, and you may even find one to match your dog’s Mississippi Made bed. The next time you take your dog for a walk, heads will turn with a new collar and leash, and we all know that our dogs love the attention, right? Check out what’s available online here!

7. Take a Trip

bernese mountain dog sticking head out car window

Take today to get your dog out of the house! Can you bring him to work with you? Hollywood Feed’s offices and stores are always full of spoiled dogs who get to go to work. Can you take a trip to the off-leash dog park? Can you take a hike where there will be lots of things to sniff?

I even have a harness and leash for my cats and they get to come outside with me on nice days. They don’t like to go on walks, however! Get out of your house with your pet today. They will have a blast with you and it will be good for their health as well!

What are some of the ways you like to pamper your pet?

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    Please sell and produce more items made in the USA- not China! Please please.

    1. gracegilman@hollywoodfeed.com

      Hey Becky! Please check out our USA Made Shop. It has all of our products made from the USA, like treats, toys, food, beds, supplements, cleaning supplies, and more! Click here. And Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made beds, New York Stain & Odor Remover, Ohio Made Collars and Leashes, Georgia Smoked Treats, Wisconsin Made chews, and more are made in the USA! You can shop all of those here. Hope this helps!

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