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5 Reasons We Should Get a Pal for Our Pets!

We all get lonely sometimes, especially if we live or work alone without other people around! This loneliness often leads to a need to get out of the house or office and socialize with other humans. This need for companionship is often a reason some of us get a dog or cat in the first place. And let me tell you, as someone who works from home with only animals to keep me company all day, they are great companions – and I talk to them frequently!

If you don’t have the ability to work from home and you do already have a pet, though, think of how they may be feeling when you or when the whole family is gone for 8 or 10 hours every day. Sure, they spend a lot of time sleeping, but many animals crave companionship. Maybe you should think about getting a pal for your pet!

You should always make sure you have the space in your home and yard and the time to spend training and exercising a new pet before adopting. However, if you are thinking about getting a pal for your pet, here are 5 good reasons:

1. Companionship

4 dogs all smiling at camera in the grass.

Dogs and cats alike love to have a friend and playmate! At my house I have three dogs and two cats, and they absolutely adore each other (most of the time). You can even get a feline companion for your canine. Dogs and cats can and do get along, despite popular belief! Your dogs and cats can cuddle up with each other during the long work day, and then play together when they wake up.

2. Less Work Than We Think

Two isn’t much more work than one after you have initially housebroken and trained your new dog! A second cat is even easier. You may need to scoop your backyard or litter box a little more frequently, but a second animal doesn’t add more than a few seconds to feeding time. I still find myself sweeping my house with the same frequency as before my new additions-there’s just a little more hair to sweep up each time.

3. Save Another Life

When you adopt a second (or third) fur baby from a shelter or rescue group, then you are saving another life-and what is better than that! Remember to adopt, don’t shop, when you are looking for the new addition to your family.

4. Keep Older Pets More Active

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If you have an older dog or cat and you bring a younger playmate into your home, they may have a little bit harder time adjusting to the changes-but they will definitely adjust. I know this from experience! And after the adjustment period, your older pet will have more mental activity from learning to interact with your new pet, learn new social skills, plus have more physical activity from playing with your new pet. Read more about the importance of mental and physical activity for senior pets here. Bringing a new pet into your home is good for everyone. When my cat Fender was 7, he got a new kitten to play with and he is so happy. He and Ecco spend many a night wild-eyed, playing hide-n-pounce with each other in the house. When my dogs Skeeter and Annie were 6 and 7, we got Fitzgerald-a new puppy! They gave him a hard time for being so curious for about a week or two, but now they all love to play and cuddle together.

5. More Love and Cuddles!

A dog and a cat snuggling together on a bed.

The more fur babies we have in our homes, the more affection we get! So, for purely selfish reasons, I love having five animals in my house all of the time. When one is tired of snuggling, another one is always ready to fill the empty spot and keep me warm. But remember, if you don’t have the space or the time for a new pet then don’t be selfish!

What are some other reasons you should get a pal for your pet? What benefits have you seen from adopting a second animal?

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