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Skipping Your Dog’s Daily Walk? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t

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Going for walks with our dogs is very rewarding, not only for our four legged friends and their sniffing noses but also for us. Hollywood Feed makes a great line of Mississippi Made collars and leashes that are perfect tools for taking our dogs out on the town. These collars and leashes are actually cut and sewn in Mississippi, and all of the fabric is locally sourced! Hollywood Feed takes pride in the fact that our Mississippi Made brand contributes to the local economy instead of going overseas for materials and manufacturing.

The collars are also absolutely adorable, and the patterns match many of Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made beds. So, besides supporting products made in the USA, our doggies can also be fashionable! Here are a few reasons that you should get out of your backyard and walk your dog every week!!

1. Physical Health

A welsh corgi walking on a leash.
dog training: corgi puppy on a leash from a woman


The most important reason to walk your dog is for her health! Every dog needs some daily exercise, even our senior dogs. We can help to keep our dogs younger, longer with daily walks and a proper diet. Walking with our dogs also burns calories and builds muscle in our own bodies-bonus! Plus, with exercise and weight loss or maintenance, many health problems can be prevented or turned around. Keeping our dogs physically healthy into old age is the kindest thing we can do for our pets and will give them the quality of life they deserve. Daily walks are a major part of this process.

2. Mental Health

Our dogs like to get around! It’s difficult for them to be cooped up in our houses and yards all of the time. Walking with your dog gives him a chance to use that nose to sniff new things and stimulate his brain.  It can also help with some destructive behaviors, because your dog will be too tired to tear up your things when you aren’t home. Wouldn’t you be bored if you never got to leave your house?

3. Bonding

A daily walk or two with your dog is the best time for bonding with a new dog, or bonding with your older dog who sits around all day eagerly waiting for you to come home and pay attention to her. Going out and exploring the world (or neighborhood) together is what your dog is really craving instead of extra treats, and it’s much healthier! You and your dog will be walking the neighborhood experiencing things together as a pack. In fact, the whole family should go on walks to enjoy this group bonding experience!

4. Training

Cropped shot of a husky being trained by his owner in the park
Cropped shot of a husky being trained by his owner in the parkhttp://

Taking a walk together gives you the perfect opportunity to train your dog! Get some of your dog’s energy out so you can have his undivided attention, and then practice sit, stay, heel, come, down, or whatever you want. Additionally, training your dog to walk calmly on a leash and heel will be the best thing you ever did if you want to take your dog to parks, to sit on patios at restaurants, or into a crowded festival or event. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and a walk is the perfect time to make this happen.

There are so many other reasons that we should walk with our dogs-what are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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