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4 Benefits of Having an Active and Athletic Dog

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, or how my life would change when I adopted Annie nine years ago. She has been full of energy from the very first day she came home, and she has impressed me with her athleticism throughout the years. I have had to completely change my lifestyle to keep up with her! It has all been for the better, and Annie has really taught me a lot about appreciating all of the small joys in my life. She has also taught me to be more spontaneous-she can go from sleeping soundly to wide awake and ready to go in seconds. It’s really amazing. Here are a few reasons you should appreciate the active dog in your life:

1. Stay Active and Healthy

A golden retriever on a leash on a run with a woman.

With an athletic dog, you will always have a friend, full of energy, ready to accompany you on your run, your walk, your bike ride, or even your swim! That makes it easy for you both to get your exercise and stay healthy. It is a great bonding experience to exercise with your dog regularly and will lengthen both of your lives. And when your dog comes to expect that regular exercise together, it will be difficult for you to disappoint her. That’s pretty good motivation, in my opinion.

2. Built-In Companion Wherever We Go

Two dogs running through a field with their owner.

Want to hike to the top of a mountain? Your active dog will go with you, even if your husband won’t. Want to go camping? Your faithful dog will always be excited to go with you, even if you can’t find any other friends who want to sleep outdoors. Just want to walk around the block? You know exactly who would LOVE to go with you. It’s a really great feeling to have a companion who is so excited to go anywhere with you.

3. Meet New People

A Jack Russel Terrier puppy playing in the grass.

A dog with a high level of athleticism is just plain impressive. Ever seen a dog catch a Frisbee ten times in a row and throw in a few backflips? It’s pretty cool and may even draw a crowd. My Annie is always the first dog to get the ball when playing fetch. No matter where we are, which other dogs are around, or how long she has already been running-I have only seen Annie beaten a handful of times in her lifetime, and this has usually been due to her losing sight of the ball. Talking about your dog is also a great way to meet new people if you are shy or have any type of social phobia-dogs are an easy topic of conversation for dog lovers and these conversations are especially easy to strike up at a dog park.

4. No Worries about Weight

A Jack Russel Terrier playing basketball outside.

Weight gain is not an issue for an athletic dog! I know my Annie has never had a weight issue. She burns calories by just being ready to go do something at any moment of the day or night, not to mention the calories she burns when she is actually running and playing. The bigger concern with her is whether I need to feed her a little extra for a few days to put some weight back on! Pet obesity is a HUGE problem in America and something for which we should all be watching in our pets. Read more here.

What do you like to do with your active or athletic dog? Let us know in the comments!

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