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Black Cats Aren’t Evil!

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In honor of these neglected animals, August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day. This is something very near and dear to my heart since I happen to love a black cat, myself.

Hard to Read

One of the reasons people seem to carry this fear of black cats is that it is more difficult to read the facial expressions of black animals. This can make it more difficult to tell whether they are friendly and approachable…..or not. It can be done, though, if we just put in a little more effort and take note of their entire body language. Black cats aren’t any more likely than a cat with another fur color to be unfriendly or aggressive!


In Western culture black cats are considered a bad omen. Today they are seen paired with witch costumes on Halloween and in scary movies, there is a superstition about having a black cat cross one’s path, and in recent history, Edgar Allen Poe wrote a creepy story called, “The Black Cat” in 1843. These more modern superstitions can be traced back to superstitions from the Middle Ages that still affect us today. In fact, the Pilgrims brought these superstitions over to the new world with them.

All They Want is a Warm Lap

But those of us who have black cats know that they aren’t any different from a white cat or an orange cat. They still sit in our laps and keep us warm, they still knock our things off the table when they want a belly rub, and they still love us and make great companions. Plus, they are an automatic accompaniment to your Halloween costume!


So, go out and adopt a black cat from a shelter because they need love just like every other cat at the shelter, and they are less likely to be given a second look. Black cats really are beautiful animals with lots of love to give.

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