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Lost Pet Prevention Month

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About this time last year, PetHub.com announced the first ever Lost Pet Prevention Month. Now, every July, pet lovers around the country will highlight this issue. Bringing light to the fact that more than 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year is imperative, and helping pet owners know how to prevent this from happening to their beloved dog or cat is a top priority for us at Hollywood Feed.

The American Humane Association’s statistic of 10 million dogs and cats lost or stolen every year is heartbreaking, but the worst part is, according to the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, only 22% of dogs and 2% of cats in shelters are reunited with their families.

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History has shown that July 5 is one of the busiest days at shelters due to the fact that dogs and fireworks don’t typically mix. In a previous post about the Fourth of July and your pets, we highlighted ways to help your dog get through the noisy holiday in the easiest, calmest, and safest way possible. Now, check out the list below to see ways to help prevent your pet from getting lost throughout the entire year, and a few tips to help you recover him quickly if he does.

Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag and is microchipped. This is the first and most important step in preventing your pet from getting lost.


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Make sure your pets are safely secured. If your dog is outside, make sure you have a fence and that the fence has no weak areas. If you don’t have a fence, a tie out is another good option but never leave your dog on a tie out unsupervised for long periods of time.

Make sure you have the right equipment for your dog including a properly fitting collar and leash. Ensure the collar doesn’t fit too loosely, and that you have a strong enough leash for your size dog.

Always keep a recent photo of your pet on hand, and any important paperwork. It’s vital to be able to show people what your dog looks like to help them be able to recognize him. It’s also important to have recent vet records to prove ownership.

Proper training and socialization can help your dog through many unsettling situations and prevent him from running away in fear. It’s important to work with your dog regularly on socialization in new and familiar areas.

Our Feed Team is ready to help you ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps to prevent your pet from getting lost. Stop by one of our stores with your pet today!

For more information about Lost Pet Prevention Month and to see PetHub’s lost pet prevention recovery resources, visit www.PetHub.com/LostPetPreventionMonth.

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