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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

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Summer just started, and it has been hot outside! There are heat advisories, heat indexes, and warnings about heat stroke! With all of the heat surrounding us, I thought it would be a good time to remember some fun and practical ways our pets can keep COOL this summer.

**Please don’t forget that your pet should never be left in your car this time of year! It is way too hot and dangerous. Bring your dog inside or leave him at home.**

1. Indoors Is Ideal

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During the hottest months of the year keep your pets indoors during the day if at all possible! A little air conditioning will make your dog very happy. If you can’t keep him inside every day, then make sure that he has access to shade, a large container of water, and ideally fans.

2. Heads Up for Heat Stroke

Know what to look out for so that you can be sure your dog does not get overheated. Signs of heat stroke and what to do if you think your dog may have heat stroke can be found here: Effects of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

3. Cooling Contraptions

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There are special beds and mats made for keeping your dog cool for sale, but a wet towel laid on the ground would work well indoors or outdoors to cool your dog off on a hot day! You can also wet a bandanna and tie it around your dog’s neck.

4. The Freezer Is Your Friend

My dogs enjoy eating plain ice cubes as treats in the summer, and I will sometimes put a couple of ice cubes in their water bowl for fun. A fun idea is to put unsalted chicken broth into ice cube trays and freeze for a cool and delicious treat. Another favorite of mine is to put plain yogurt into a Kong and then set it in the freezer. The result will keep your dog occupied as well as cool for quite a while!

5. Midday Madness

A dog on a walk with their owner at dusk.

Take your dog on walks in the early morning or late evening when the heat of the day has passed. When you walk your dog, make sure the pavement isn’t too hot for their feet! Avoid going out in the main heat of the day, usually between noon and 3 pm.

6. Water Works

A dog playing in a stream with its owners.

My Annie absolutely loves a trip to the dog park for a swim in the water. My other two love to wade in the water just as much. If you don’t have access to a lake, you can set up a kiddy pool in your backyard for your dogs. Dogs love to run through sprinklers and bite at the water, and playing with a plain old hose with your dog can be just as much fun!

Now that you have some tips to keep your dog cool this summer, go on and have fun in the sun. Just make sure to take lots of breaks indoors, avoid the middle of the day, keep plenty of cool, clean water around, and watch for signs that your dog may be getting too hot.

What are you favorite ways to stay cool with your dog in the summer?

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