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Dog Days of Summer Safety

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Naptimes at my house are some of the best parts of my day. I get to sit back and work on whatever I want-like writing a blog, and all of my doggies and my guest doggies get to relax and sleep. There are currently dogs on the sofa next to me, on the floor by my feet, and on some of the many choice Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made dog beds scattered throughout my house!

Nap time comes after we have all played hard outside, or sometimes it comes after simply walking around outside in the summertime heat, which is quickly approaching. As the heat rises and summer is only weeks away, here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your pets safe this summer!

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Safety First

  • DON’T leave your dog in your car when you run into a store in the summer! Either leave the air conditioning on in your car, go to a dog-friendly retailer, or don’t bring your dog with you when you run errands.
  • Know how to recognize heat stroke and learn what to do about it here.
  • Keep your dogs and cats hydrated, and make sure there is plenty of fresh, clean, cool water available whether they are indoors or out.
  • Don’t leave your dog outside all day in the heat. If your dog must stay outside for long periods of time, make sure he has shelter from the sun (and lots of water).
  • Prepare in advance for any travel plans, whether you will be leaving your dog or cat with a pet-sitter, or whether he is coming along on vacation with you! See more travel advice here.
  • Prepare for the 4th of July. Many dogs are scared of loud noises, and fireworks can cause them to behave strangely. They may escape a backyard that they have never left before. Plan to supervise your dog carefully on the 4th of July and surrounding days if he is skittish or if you are not sure if loud noises bother him.

A dog playing in a Kiddie pool.

Summertime Fun with Dogs

Take advantage of the morning and evening times in the summer to take long walks with your dog, outside of the heat of the day.

You should definitely get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine with your dogs. Go to an off-leash dog park like Overton Bark or Shelby Farms. Shelby Farms’ off-leash area has a lake that my Annie loves to fetch in! Just make sure that you don’t let your dog overdo it, and that she stays hydrated.

Find out which restaurant patios are dog friendly, and take your dog out with you on a nice evening. If you ask nicely, most places will bring water out for your dog, too! But please make sure you have a well-mannered dog!

Don’t forget, your pet wants to enjoy summer vacation with you, but you have to make sure to keep him safe, cool and hydrated!

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