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If You Adopt a Pet, Hollywood Feed has Your Back!

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Adopting a pet is one of the best things a person can do (in my humble opinion). First things first-adoption gives a loving home to an animal who does not have great prospects. You are saving a life by adopting a pet. In fact, you may be saving more than one. The bond between a person and their dog or cat is very strong and the joy and love can last a lifetime for both.

All of my animals have been either rescued from the street or adopted from a shelter. They are all wonderful. My dogs can understand everything I say (it’s not just me, right?) and they can anticipate my next move. I think they know me and my habits better than my husband does! And my cats have such personalities. My 4-year-old cat, Ecco, rescued from a bush on a rainy spring night, has finally decided that she does like to be petted-but only on her own terms. These terms can be very strict (3:30 am and 3:30 pm are her favorite times to be petted). It’s so interesting to watch my animals develop and change with age and they bring me constant joy!

Expenses and Fees

A golden puppy at the vet.

But I understand that it can also be a little financially daunting when you initially adopt. There are adoption fees, veterinary fees for shots and spay/neuter (depending on whether you adopt ‘from the street’ or adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group), supplies you have to purchase like beds, food and water bowls, leashes, collars, tags, crates, treats and toys…to name just a few must-have items. And most important of all, there is the cost of feeding your pet for the rest of his life!

Community Support

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When you are weighing the pros and cons of adoption, don’t forget that Hollywood Feed supports you! All of the individual stores participate in adoption events and many host adoptions at their store locations. They support many community adoption events as well. They give to local shelters and rescue groups and they participate in so many fundraisers!

Hollywood Feed Adoption Discount

Bring in your adoption paperwork within 30 days of adoption, and Hollywood Feed will give you a small size bag of Nutrisource or Country Naturals cat/kitten or dog/puppy food for FREE plus $20 off a minimum purchase of $50! Make your list and stock up on that first visit to Hollywood Feed to take advantage of free food and $20 off!

Compare and Save Money

A gray kitten in a basket.

Hollywood Feed also has very competitive pricing on their pet supplies and food. And as far as food that is good for your new puppy or kitty and will keep them healthy, active, and in good nutrition-Hollywood Feed really is your only choice. I bet you didn’t know that you can feed your dog a wonderfully nutritious and healthy food for less than a dollar a day for a 50 lb dog, did you? Just ask your local Hollywood Feed sales associate what options are right for your pet, with your budget, and they will help you find the perfect food.

Pet adoption has really been a very satisfying and fulfilling addition to my life. I cannot imagine a day where I am not petting dogs, stepping over them as I go about my day, and cuddling with them at night. They (along with my husband) are my best friends and always accept me as I am!

How has pet adoption affected your life? Let me know in the comments section below!

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