black dog sits next to pile of fur

Shedding Season is Upon Us

My first sign of Spring???? SHEDDING!

It’s true, many dogs shed year round, but twice a year (spring and fall) dogs with double coats “blow” their coat. It seems as if they shed so much they should be bald. Huge clumps of hair just fall from their bodies and roll along down my hallways. Double-coated canines must shed their undercoats in the spring to stay cool in the summer heat and again in the fall to make room for their winter coat.
A husky being groomed with a shedding blade.
One of the signs of a dog blowing his coat is large clumps of hair coming off the dog when you barely touch him. Unusual scruffiness, change in coat color (the undercoat is showing through the top coat), and excessive shedding are other signs your canine is blowing his coat!

Blowing their coat can last several weeks but you can help prevent the hair from ending up all over your house. When you spot the first sign of your dog blowing their coat take them outside, with a trash can and a Furminator, and brush them thoroughly. Repeat this for the next few days and you will not only remove a lot of hair but also stimulate the hair follicles to release the rest of the coat sooner. You’ll be able to brush away the undercoat and put it in the trash can, instead of finding it all over your house!

A Furminator brush full of hair.
The lesson can we learn from this? You know you’re a dog person when the shedding no longer matters 🙂

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