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What Is Your Dog Thankful For?

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. On this day, we humans will be enjoying spending time with the family and friends we love. During the holiday season, we consider ourselves blessed to have our family and friends, good health, plenty to eat and a roof over our heads. What do you suppose makes our pets thankful? If your pet could talk, he would tell you he is thankful for:

A small dog catching leaves in the woods.

  1. YOU! You let him into your home and heart. Whether you found him or he found you, he was trying so hard to get your attention, and it worked! He is eternally grateful!
  2. Car rides to anywhere but the vet. But, he really does appreciate the fact that you care enough about his health to get regular check-ups and vaccinations. He’s grateful, too, that you care enough to get him fixed so that he is not contributing to the overpopulation crisis in the county.
  3. Going on walks, playing tug-of-war, chasing a ball, or any activity when he’s doing it with you.
  4. You caring enough to protect him. You protect him from other dogs, scary people and traffic by keeping him inside or within a fence at all times. He also appreciates that you protect him from that loud, scary machine mom pushes around the carpet by keeping it in the closet most of the time.
  5. You taking the time to learn about proper nutrition and for giving him healthy dog food that doesn’t taste like cardboard. He’s grateful, too, that you sometimes allow him to “prewash” the dishes going in the dishwasher
  6. The supply of entertaining toys you bought for him, as well as the simple pleasures found in the dirty clothes basket.
  7. Your taking time to bathe, brush, and comb him, and taking him to the groomer if he needs a haircut. Matted and unkempt fur can cause painful and itchy skin issues.
  8. A warm, dry, cozy dog bed to curl up in every night. And, although he may feel a little foolish wearing it, he appreciates the thought that went into his little sweater, too.
  9. Cuddling with you! He feels so much love from your kind touch when you are petting him.
  10. Your patience and positive reinforcement when teaching him new things. He really wants to learn and please you, and loves how you forgive him for mistakes.

A small dog laying on it's back surrounded by leaves.

It should warm our hearts to know that we are the most important things in the lives of our pets. So, this Thanksgiving, when we are giving thanks for all that we have, let’s put our pets right at the top of the list. What a blessing to be surrounded with such unconditional love every day.

Happy Thanksgiving

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