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7 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! I have two senior dogs, Annie (9) and Skeeter (10) as well as a senior cat, Fender (10)! They are great companions, and I couldn’t love them anymore.

Here are some great reasons to bring an older dog or cat into your home:

1.  NO MUSS, NO FUSS – Generally speaking, a senior dog is already housebroken, and a senior cat knows how to use a litter box. This means less mess for us to clean up!

2. MELLOW – A senior dog has calmed down and lost most of that puppy energy! They probably won’t be chewing up our furniture or shoes. The same thing goes for senior cats. They will not be scaling curtains or running through the house like they are mad. If you are looking for a companion to lie next to you or in your lap while you work or watch TV, a senior pet is perfect.

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3. FREE TIME – A senior pet allows us time to do what we need without messes, a constant need for our attention, and bathroom trips outside every hour! A senior pet can rest calmly while we go about our days, and he will be perfectly happy!

4. SIT! – Senior dogs probably already know many commands and are familiar with a leash. They also know to listen when we speak and do what we ask. Also, despite the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, it can actually be easier to teach a senior dog than a puppy! They know what it’s like to learn, they are calmer, and they have a longer attention span.

5. A PERFECT FIT – A senior animal’s personality has already developed, so we know if she will fit in with our other pets, our children, and our routine. Also, a senior pet is fully grown, so we know exactly how much dog or cat we’re in for. We’ll also know the grooming requirements of our new pets up front.

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6. AFFECTION AND LOYALTY – A senior cat is much more likely to be into cuddling than a young kitten. Also, senior pets seem to know that we have taken them into our homes in their time of need and will be loyal, loving and devoted to their new families.

7. TIME IS ON OUR SIDE – If you are a senior human, you may be worried to get a young kitten, as they have such long life spans! A senior pet can be the perfect fit. Senior animals can still live many happy, healthy years with us, but won’t be a ten to twenty year commitment.

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