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Why Should I Adopt a Shelter Dog?

All three of my dogs, Skeeter, Annie and Fitzgerald have come from Collierville Animal Services in Collierville, TN and I couldn’t be happier with my sweet puppies.

You may have heard or seen people using the phrase, “Adopt, Don’t Shop”. This is something in which I firmly believe. Each time I went looking for a dog, I went to the animal shelter without a specific breed in mind. I knew I wanted a large breed dog, and that’s it! I have had fantastic success and my dogs have given me so much love and comfort over the past ten years.

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“There are 3 to 4 million dogs living in shelters nationwide who would make a fantastic addition to anybody’s family, all they need is a second chance. During Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, the ASPCA encourages everyone to visit their local shelter, adopt one of these amazing animals or help us spread the word to potential pet owners to make pet adoption their first option.”

-Gail Buchwald, senior vice president of the ASPCA Adoption Center

I do realize that some people are looking for a specific breed and may feel like they need to go to a breeder or pet store and pay a high price. This is not the case! There are breed specific rescue groups out there where you can find a Labrador Retriever, a Yorkie, a Dachshund, or pretty much whatever kind of dog you are looking for! Also, it is better for your budget to adopt, and it will make you feel so much better about your choice. There are studies that show people are more satisfied when they have adopted their pet vs. purchasing a pet.

A litter of puppies in a kennel.

There are breeders out there who take great care of their dogs and are reputable, but those breeders will charge you a very high fee. There are other “puppy mill” breeders just in it to make a quick buck, and may charge less, but I would encourage you not to buy from these people as they do not take care of their animals and you are helping to perpetuate inhumane conditions. You may also quite possibly end up with a sick or skittish dog due to the conditions in which he was kept. I suggest for you to instead help a dog in a local shelter or rescue group have a wonderful quality of life by adopting!

Learn more about the ASPCA’s No Pet Store Puppies campaign here.

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