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How Can We Help Seek Justice for Animals?

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Each year, one week is dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse of animals and how we can report it as citizens. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Justice for Animals Week gives us each a chance to learn more about how to help the most helpless animals in our own communities. This year, February 21-27th is Justice for Animals Week!

Hollywood Feed and all of our staff are dedicated to helping animals in the cities we live. Our staff pick up dogs running through busy intersections and rescue kittens from bushes, and we also report any animal abuse cases that we see. Join us in celebrating Justice for Animals week by being prepared to help the next animal in need that you pass instead of just passing by.

Ways We Can Each Make a Difference:

A German Shepherd tied to side of road.

  • Learn what animal abuse looks like. What does malnourishment look like? What does physical abuse look like? Have you seen a dog tied outside in the middle of summer or winter without water or shelter? Have you seen a dog locked in a hot car? In Tennessee, we can now legally break them out. Read more about how to do that here.
  • Write letters to your local lawmakers as well as local newspapers highlighting the importance of animal rights.
  • The Animal Legal Defense Fund has written the Animal Bill of Rights. Read it and sign it to let our lawmakers know that we support animal rights.
  • Remind friends and family to Adopt, Don’t Shop! Learn more about why rescued pets are the best here and here.
  • Volunteer with your local shelter or rescue group.


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