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April Feed Team Favorites: Tasty Spring Treats and Fun Toys!

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Our Feed Team is extensively trained to know what is best for you and your pet’s needs. They also have personal recommendations from their pets– what toys they LOVE, what treats they are addicted to, what beds make them fall asleep instantly, and more! Our April Feed Team Favorites feature some tasty treats for the new spring season, cleaning products that double as a clothes softener, and a cat toy that will be your cat’s new best friend!

Dog eating boss dog frozen yogurt

Emily S.

Roswell, GA

Boss Dog Frozen Yogurt Treats

Reason for Recommendation: My girl loves it. Great for the season’s change. Perfect on a warm day.

cat laying in a blanket hollywood feed stain and odor remover lavender mint

Kaniel S.

Huntsville, AL

Hollywood Feed Stain and Odor Remover – Lavender/Mint

Reason for Recommendation: The Hollywood Feed S&O has been my number 1 recommendation since we started carrying it. It does legitimately clean any possible accident, from dog urine, to blood from accidentally clipping a quick during nail trims (ouch!), to spilled wine on the carpet. It has even become a staple in my laundry routine; it gets the dog-cat-sweat-whatever smell out better than anything else I’ve ever used, plus it’s not harsh for people with sensitivities, and leaves my laundry softer than products designed for that!

cat standing up with go cat bumble bee toy

Kristina S.

Lawrenceville, GA

Go Cat Bee Refill

Reason for Recommendation: My cat, Oliver, LOVES all the Go Cat toys, but especially loves his bumble bee! The mouse and fish Go Cat attachments are similarly textured, but there’s something about the bee that makes it Oliver’s all time favorite toy.

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