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Celebrate International Rescue Cat Day!

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Celebrate International Rescue Cat Day!

Every year, on March 2nd, the world celebrates International Rescue Cat Day. This day is dedicated to highlighting the joys and challenges of being a rescue cat parent. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate how rescuing cats from shelters can be an incredibly rewarding experience. So if you’re a cat owner or plan to become one, let’s take a look at how we can make this special day even more fun for our furry friends! Comment below how you plan to celebrate International Rescue Cat Day!

Fun Activities For Your Rescue Cat

senior cat getting extra snuggles for international cat day
This day is all about your cat! Give them some extra snuggles!

Extra Snuggles

If you’ve never celebrated International Rescue Cat Day before, it’s time to get creative! First, why not give your kitty some extra snuggles and treats? Cats love attention and treat so this is sure to put them in a great mood. You could also buy them a new toy or bed that they can enjoy throughout the day.

Cat on the magazine cover for Glampurr by Hollywood Feed
Photoshop your cat’s modeling photos to look like a magazine cover!

Model for the Day

Next, have an impromptu photoshoot! Let’s be honest, cats are extremely photogenic creatures that love being in the spotlight (well maybe not all of them). Grab your camera and snap away as your cat strikes their best poses! Make a “catwalk” for your cat to walk down like the supermodel they are! This video will be priceless and something you can share with your friends and family. You’ll likely end up with some pretty funny pictures and videos that will last forever. Plus, you can share them with the rescue that you got your best furry friend from! Shelters and rescues love getting updates on the cats that were adopted and knowing that they are in a loving homes. Lastly, ff you decide to share these moments online with stories about why you chose adoption over shopping, you may inspire others looking for pets to follow in your footsteps too!

If you decide to do a fun photoshoot with your rescue cat, please tag us on Instagram and Facebook: @hwfeed. We will share your master pieces!

Organize a Playdate

If your cat is comfortable around other cats (or even dogs!), why not organize a playdate? Getting together with other rescue cats or dogs can help introduce your pet to new pals. It will also provide them with plenty of fun activities like chasing each other around or playing hide-and-seek. Just make sure to check in regularly to ensure that everyone is getting along nicely!

Treat Your Cat with Treats and Toys

You can start by surprising your pet with a basket full of their favorite snacks like crunchy Bocce’s Bakery catnip-flavored bites or Fussie Cat Puree cat treats. They will love having something special just for them on this day. You can also get creative with their toys and reward them by buying new ones, like HuggleHound toys that they haven’t seen before. This could be anything from a SPOT Plush Tie-Dye toys to a Kong interactive laser pointer or Hauspanther scratching pole for them to climb. Not only will getting something new to excite your rescue cat, but it will keep them entertained throughout the day as well.

Bocce's Bakery Cat Treats Catnip MunchFussie Cat Puree Cat Treat - Tuna & Shrimp

Donate to Cat Rescues

Take some time on International Rescue Cat Day to give back too! Donate supplies like food and litter to your local animal shelter or volunteer at one in your community. This is a great way to help out cats who need homes while still celebrating the joys of being a rescue parent. It’s also an excellent way to spread awareness about how important it is to adopt homeless cats and show people that these animals can provide endless love and companionship when given the chance.

International Rescue Cat Day is all about celebrating the joys of being a rescue cat parent and showing cats just how much they mean to us. So let’s get out there and show our cats some extra love today! From snuggles and treats to photoshoots and playdates – there are plenty of ways that we can honor our cats on this special day. Have fun celebrating your rescue cat today!

No matter what activities you choose, International Rescue Cat Day is a great way to show your kitty just how much they mean to you. So let’s give them some extra love this year and help raise awareness for all the cats out there that need homes! Have fun celebrating with your furry friends!



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