Feed Team Family Brittany and Pennie Lane

Feed Team Family: Brittany & Pennie Lane

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Brittany has been with Hollywood Feed for going on 6 years now, holding the position of Store Manager at the Southlake, TX location, and she and her 14-year-old long-dachshund Pennie Lane are the best of friends. You might see this pair together at the store, but Brittany says Pennie Lane prefers to relax at home with her couch and TV – we cannot argue with that!

What is the story behind getting Pennie Lane?

Brittany found Pennie Lane through a breeder in Oklahoma, and it was love at first sight. “I was looking one day and saw this sweet little face and I knew I had to get her. She was a tiny little puppy that had these eyes that I knew would steal my heart, and they did.”

What are some of Pennie Lane’s likes and dislikes?

Pennie Lane’s favorite thing is her food and treats. Some of Pennie’s favorite Hollywood Feed treats are the Icelandic Dog Treats and the MISA esophagus chews.

Pennie Lane’s least favorite thing is being left alone. “After her best friend went to the Rainbow Bridge she developed some anxiety, but it’s not the right time for a new best friend.”

What food do you feed Pennie Lane?

Brittany feeds Pennie Lane the WERUVA Steak Frites and the WERVA Cirque De La Mer, and this food has made her a different dog.

What are you and Pennie Lane’s favorite things to do together?

Brittany says that every moment she and Pennie Lane spend together is her favorite, but the two love to go out to do some shopping and eat at restaurants.

“Her favorite is when we go “shopping”. I take her to Michaels, ½ Price Book and so many other places. She just loves to go anywhere with me, and she is the best.”

How has working at Hollywood Feed made you a better pet parent?

Brittany was already knowledgeable in the pet industry before coming to Hollywood Feed, but she says that she has learned so much more about different brands and nutrition ever since.

If you could give any piece of advice to new pet parents, what would it be?

“Lots of training no matter what size or breed you have, and great nutrition.”

Food really goes make the difference, as well as learning what works best for your dog. “Every dog is different and not all advice is equal. When you learn your dog, you will learn what works for their body.”

“Training is highly important, small dogs need it just as much as large dogs do. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement training. With training, you also get socialization with people as well as other dogs or other animals, and that makes a world of difference in their lives and yours.”

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