Feed Team Family Lilli and Turtle

Feed Team Family: Lilli & Turtle

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Lily has been working with Hollywood Feed for just over 5 years; she and her almost 2-year-old cat Turtle are inseparable! Lilli is not comfortable leaving Turtle home alone due to her mobility impairments, so you will always see this pair at the Erin Way store in Memphis, TN! Turtle loves Hollywood Feed customers and is always up for being pet or played with.

Turtle’s disabilities include genetic abnormalities that she has had since birth, with her biggest hindrance being her Spina Bifida. There are multiple types of Spina Bifida in cats, with Manx Syndrome being one of the most recognized variants. Turtle’s variant of Spina Bifida originates higher up in the spinal column. As a result, Turtle is almost completely paralyzed in her lower body. Turtle also suffers from a condition referred to as shallow hip sockets, meaning that the socket of her hips is so shallow, it prevents the balls of the joints from properly locking into place and allowing her to stand. Because of this, she has “scooted” ever since she was learned to walk. Due to these two conditions, Turtle’s hind leg was removed because it was unable to tuck under straight, causing frequent injuries to her leg. But after this procedure, they found that she had much better mobility without the leg than before.

How Was Turtle Adopted?

A customer came in with three black kittens, Turtle, and her two kitten siblings, and offered to give one of the siblings to Lilli. At the time Lilli was not interested in adopting another cat, so she turned her down. About an hour later, Turtle was surrendered to the PetVax next door, due to her unknown mobility issues. Lilli’s friend from PetVax decided to introduce her to Turtle for the first time. Lilli fell in love with Turtle the moment she met her but wanted to hold off on adopting her because she had no experience caring for disabled animals. From that day forward, Lilli could not get her mind off Turtle and two weeks later, she decided to bring her home.

What is Lilli and Turtle’s Favorite Activity?

Lilli and Turtle’s favorite things to do together include outdoor activities, like exploring parks or going on hikes. Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN is one of their favorites. Turtle enjoys riding down the trails in her stroller and admiring the buffalo. Their favorite memory together was when they went to Washington State. Lilli and Turtle did a lot of hiking and admired the beautiful Washington lakes. Turtle loved “scooting” down the hiking trails.

What Does Turtle Like and Dislike?

One of Turtle’s favorite things is the Kitty Kopter. Her least favorite thing is bath time.

Some of Turtle’s favorite Hollywood Feed items are the Mississippi Made Donut Beds and the Georgia Smoked Jerky.

What Does Turtle Eat?

Turtle is given a completely raw diet, like Primal Raw Foods. Lilli also enjoys preparing Turtle’s raw meals herself on occasion. Turtle is currently eating the Primal Rabbit, which is her absolute favorite.

How has working at Hollywood Feed made you a better pet parent?

According to Lilli, the knowledge that she has gained while working at Hollywood Feed is the main thing that has made her a better pet parent. Lilli quickly learned about pet food and nutrition, which became useful when caring for her pets at home and when helping customers with their own pets.

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