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Feed Team Favorites by Hollywood Feed

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Are you a little indecisive? I know I am! That’s why I decided to start the Feed Team Favorites program at Hollywood Feed. When you shop online or in-store, just look for the Feed Team Favorites graphic or card. This let’s you know the product is highly recommended by a Feed Team Member, making your decision easier on what to buy for your pet. Why does this matter? Our Feed Team Members go through 40 hours of training a year; they’re are extremely knowledgeable on pet wellness, nutrition, and more. And most of the time, the Feed Team Favorites are what our Feed Team uses with their pets!

Take a look at some of the Feed Team Favorites we found in our stores. And visit our Feed Team Favorite page on our website to shop all of the employee-recommended pet products! Comment down below some of your Hollywood Feed products; because as a customer, you’re a part of the Feed Team, too!


“I feed my dogs Fromm and their skin and coats have improved greatly. They’ve been around for years and offer grain-free and grain-inclusive food!”


Etta Says! Chews

“Both my dogs loved them! Puppy safe! Great snacks. Great price point. Rawhide safe! Multiple proteins to choose from!”


Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked

“My picky eater, Jasmine, loves these treats. I like that they are made in Georgia and have high quality ingredients.”


Wag Butter

“Yummy treat great for using to refill hollow bones, KONGs, or freezing on a feeding mat!”


Benebone Bacon Dental Chew

“They last forever and my dogs love them!”


Plaque Off Powder

“Reduces plaque and tartar without brushing! Just sprinkle on top of their food for pearly whites!”

-Hannah and Billiam

Fussie Cat Puree Treat

“These treats are great for all cats, with or without teeth! They’re also great for giving medicine!”


Shop Our Feed Team Favorites!

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