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Frequently Asked Questions: How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep?

How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep?

On average, dogs sleep between 10 – 12 hours per day¹. That’s 50% of their day! Making sure your dog has a comfortable place to snooze– whether it’s in your home or while you are traveling this summer– is essential. 

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

The amount of time your dog sleeps depends on a few factors: their activity level, age, and diet, to name a few. If your dog loves to play and take long walks outside, then they are more likely to take those midday naps whereas a dog that stays inside all day may have loads of energy and only sleep at night. For either dog, the donut bed is the perfect option. The donut shape allows your pet to snuggle, burrow, and curl up for the ultimate rest –bedtime, naptime, and in between. The bed also provides the comfortability of the couch anywhere, so bring it while on a car ride to provide your pet with the comfort of home while you are away from home. Additionally, teaching a dog new commands throughout the day will stimulate their brain activity. This will help them sleep well at night due to the high mental stimulation during the day. senior dog on rectangle bed

Furthermore, their age can affect their sleep. Older dogs sleep on average 18-20 hours compared to the average of a puppy, which is 12-14 hours². Senior dogs require more effort to move and walk around due to their higher probability of hip and joint pain. Consider an orthopedic bed for your senior dog to snooze on. This orthopedic bed is made with foam that distributes weight across the entire bed and reduces stress on the hips and joints. It’s also made with five total inches of memory foam to ensure your dog gets the best night’s sleep every night.

Diet can also affect your dog’s sleep. A poor diet will lead to a lethargic dog– similar to when humans eat sugar or high fat diets and tend to “crash” midday. The extra weight could also make them sleep more throughout the day due to low energy. If you think your dog is sleeping more due to weight gain, consider portion control for your pup!

Why Does My Dog Sleep Against Me

Your dog wants to sleep next to you because it sees you as a part of its pack and wants to protect you! While this is a fine situation for most pet-owners, some people’s quality of sleep may be negatively affected if your pet sleeps in the same bed as you. This is because dogs are polyphasic sleepers and average three sleep/wake cycles per night time hour and humans are monophasic sleepers –  one period of sleep over a 24-hour cycle³. dog sleeping in mississippi made donut bed with tongue out

If you are one of the dog owners that is a light sleeper and does not get quality sleep when their dog sleeps with them, consider getting your pup a rectangle or donut bed. A rectangle bed is perfect for the dog that likes to stretch out in their sleep. And the extra fluff makes it super comfortable and mimics the fluff of a duvet cover! As mentioned above, the donut bed is perfect for the dog that loves to snuggle and cuddle against you or sleep at your feet. The donut allows the dog to burrow and curl up.

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