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Highlights from Homeschool for Canines with Trainer Amy Lear

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Keep a Close Eye

With anything new – please monitor your pets! This applies to a new bed, kennel, chew, toy, collar, harness, etc. Some items are not right for every pet – make sure that this new item is something appropriate & safe for your pet. As always, please remember the Hollywood Feed Promise: If your pet doesn’t love it, or if you don’t love it, we’ll gladly replace or refund it!

Use a clicker, high-value treats, and a treat bag when you’re training your pet with new commands. 

A trainer working with a black lab.

Stick to a Routine

Keep a routine – use a kennel or a bed! This gives both of you your own space to escape to. Make the kennel a positive space. Give them a high-value treat or toy while they are inside of the crate

Use Toys to Combat Boredom

Use a filled Kong to give your pet something to focus on during your mealtime, while you’re working from home, or to just give them a fun & stimulating treat! Check out some recipes here:

You can also keep your pets stimulated with maze bowls, Kong Wobblers, Bob-A-Lots! Fill these items with food or treats to keep their minds busy & active. 

Poochie Bells for Potty Training

If you’re teaching potty training to a new pet – puppy or adult – try using Poochie Bells! Hang these on the door you will open when letting them out to potty. Have your dog use their hand or or nose to ring the bells each time you go outside to potty. Eventually, they’ll associate the sound of the bells with going outside to potty. This will let them alert you when they need to go outside! 

Tools for Pullers

If your dog is pulling during a walk – try out the Easy-Walk Harness by PetSafe! This is a front-clip harness, and it’s the same harness that Thor was wearing during each class. Martingale collars are also a great option for pulling. These slip over the head & get tight when the dog pulls – but they have a ‘stop’ so that they will only get so tight when pulled. 

A trainer working on leash walking with a yellow lab.

Help Alleviate Your Pet’s Anxiety

To help ease your pet’s anxiety try a calming treat, a Thundershirt, pheromones or even a stimulating chew to keep them occupied. Treats like Heavenly Hounds and Progility offer calming ingredients to soothe your pet during storms, traveling, or separation anxiety.

A heavenly Hound calming treat.


Try The Pet Corrector™ for Unwanted Behaviors

If your dog needs a bit of a push in the right direction during training, try The Pet Corrector™ Canned Air. This device emits a hiss of compressed gas (HFC 134a) that’s completely safe for dogs. The gas releases a white noise on the broad spectrum – either a low-frequency rumble or high-frequency hiss depending on the setting. It’s effective for treating pet’s unwanted behaviors.


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