Hollywood Feed 2023 Wrapped

Hollywood Feed 2023 Wrapped: Top Dog Treats, Donations to Rescues, & More!

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And that’s a wrap! 😉

2023 has been one for the books and we could not have done it without any of you, our pack! A huge thank you for your continued love for Hollywood Feed, and here is to an even bigger and better 2024! ✨ Check out some of our accomplishments from the past year that wouldn’t have been possible without the Feed Team and our customers! From donations to local rescues and shelters, to top dog treats, and more, we have a lot to look back on and be proud of!
Top Dog Treats

Top Dog Treats

Your top 3 dog treats are pig ears, duck feet, and cod skins! If you’re in the market for some new treats for your pet, consider these three fan favorites!
Hollywood Feed Reviews


You’ve reviewed us over 14,000 times! Feedback is the best way for us to improve and to know what we are doing right. Thanks to everyone who left a review in 2023!
Hollywood Feed Donations of Pet Food

Monetary and Pet Food Donations

One of the best parts of working at Hollywood Feed is being able to donate to local animal rescues and shelters. We hold various fundraisers throughout the year to make it as easy for our customers to donate anything they can to rescues as well: Fill the Crate, Paw it Forward, Round Up for Rescues, & more.
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Hollywood Feed rescue events

Local Events

Hosting events and getting out into the community is another favorite activity amongst The Feed Team! Getting to meet other pet lovers is a great way to spend the day!
Hollywood Feed K9 Feeding Program

K9 Feeding Program

We can’t forget about the professional working dogs and their service! We donate them nutritious dog food so they can perform their best during their duties.
Same Day Delivery miles

Same Day Delivery Miles

WOW! The Feed Team drove all kinds of pet essentials– frozen food, dry food, litter, toys treats, and more — directly to your homes with the Same Day Delivery service!
Hollywood Feed University

Hollywood Feed Education

Our Hollywood Feed Education website has hours and hours of free webinars about pet care and wellness. Check it today!

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