hollywood feed's gift guide for puppies

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Puppies

It’s difficult to think of better Christmas cheer than an adorable puppy. If you’re bringing home a new fur baby this holiday season, be sure you have all the essentials first. Then, when the time finally comes to welcome your new puppy, you’ll be ready for anything. So let us help you deck the paws with puppy must haves.

KONG Puppy Toys

Puppies are teething machines! If you want to avoid your new puppy chewing on shoes, furniture, and everything in between, KONG puppy toys are a perfect option to save your belongings from sharp, little puppy teeth.

KONG puppy toys are designed with a soft rubber that is gentle on your puppy’s growing baby teeth and gums. Add in some puppy safe peanut butter and treats (Be sure to not overdo it and spoil dinner!), stick the KONG in the freezer, and give to your puppy for extra relief from the growing pains. $6.49 – $11.49



Hollywood Feed Nylon Collar

It’s important to get your puppy used to a collar at an early age. That way, when your pup has completed all its puppy vaccinations and is able to make trips in public, the collar and leash won’t be unfamiliar. Most importantly, you will need to keep an identification tag on your pup’s collar in case it gets lost.

Hollywood Feed Nylon Collars are great for dogs of all ages and especially puppies. Not only are the collars easy to clean and durable, they come with a lifetime chew guarantee. If the collar gets chewed or torn, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. The collars are also adjustable, which allows your puppy plenty of grow room. $6.99 – $9.99


Prudence Absolute Immune Health Supplement

Your puppy’s immune system is based primarily in its gut, and as your pup develops so does its immune system. Any change in diet, such as going from one puppy food to another brand, can impact your new pet’s immune system.

Prudence Absolute Immune Health – High Potency is a daily supplement formulated to boost your puppy’s health and immune system through a special blend of nutrients. Just add a scoop of the powder to your pet’s food each day. Most dogs love the taste. $54.99 – $89.99





Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover

Get ready – your puppy is going to make A LOT of messes. Whether you use a crate to help potty train or just try to take your puppy outside every few hours, there will be an adjustment period where lots of messes will happen. Your puppy has to learn so much, from where is okay to potty to what is okay to chew, that sometimes it all gets confusing. Be patient and know that consistency will help with any training. Also, using an enzyme based cleaner for your puppy’s messes will help ensure the stain is removed entirely.

Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover is made with natural and organic ingredients and is sourced 100% in the USA. It uses an enzymatic blend to break down organic stains and remove lingering odors. It’s also environmentally friendly, gentle, and safe for use around children and pets. $12.99


Benebone 2-Piece Puppy Pack

Your puppy will be teething up until its about six months old so it’s crucial you continue to provide appropriate teething toys or risk losing a shoe.

The Benebone 2-Piece Puppy Pack is designed specifically for growing puppies. The different shapes provide variety and the bacon flavor keeps your puppy engaged. The puppy pack is for pups that are 15lbs or smaller and will keep them entertained for hours. $12.56

Hollywood Feed Nylon Leash

Leash training a new puppy can be difficult. That’s why it’s smart to get your new pup accustomed to a leash and collar. Putting a leash on your puppy for a few minutes at first and using positive reinforcement when your puppy doesn’t try to eat the leash will go a long way toward acclimating your puppy to being on a leash. Once your puppy has received all its vaccinations and is able to explore in public, leash training and walks will be much easier if your pup has already been introduced to the leash.

Hollywood Feed Nylon Leashes are easy to clean, durable, and come with a lifetime chew guarantee. $6.87 – $16.87

Hollywood Feed Wire Crate

Crates are an essential training and safety tool for puppies. Think of it as your puppy’s very own safe place, where it can nap and have quiet time away from the chaos of the holidays. It is also peace of mind for puppy parents. When you’re unable to supervise your pup, a crate is the best option to keep you new furry family member from getting into dangerous situations, like crawling under couches or chewing on electrical wires.

Hollywood Feed crates come with a sturdy, plastic removable pan for easy cleaning. There are one and two door varieties for all shapes and sizes. They even come with a handy training guide to help you introduce your puppy to the crate properly. $19.89 – $76.99


Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies

When it comes to toys for puppies, the more variety you have, the better. If you provide your new pup with fun, interesting toys, you’ll worry less about your puppy wanting to chew on one of your sock’s instead.

Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies come in lots of cute, plush characters in two sizes. Best part is they are two toys in one – a soft outer toy and an inner squeaky soft spiky ball that massages your dog’s teeth.



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