holywood feed's gift guide for treat lovers

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Treat Lovers

The way to most pets’ hearts is through their stomachs. So if you want to give your pet the ultimate gift this Christmas, check out some of our most popular, mouthwatering, tail wagging treats that could be the perfect presents for all the dogs in your life.

Hollywood Feed Pennsylvania Made Burgers

Does your dog hover by the grill when you cook burgers? Get him his very own bag of doggie suitable burgers in pork, chicken or turkey. Made in Pennsylvania with wholesome, carefully sourced ingredients, the real meat makes it fantastic for picky pups. The fun burger shaped treats are slow roasted on open racks to retain the flavor your pup will love.

Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Jerky

Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Jerky treats have simple, limited ingredient recipes so they’re a great option for dogs with sensitive tummies. Unique proteins like Wild Boar and Venison will have your dog begging for more so consider gifting your pup one of each flavor!

Nothin’ to Hide

If you’re looking for a longer lasting treat that’s an alternative to rawhide, Nothin’ to Hide Dog Chews are 96% digestible and come in shapes and sizes for every type of pooch. These chews will help promote strong teeth and healthy gums AND keep your pup from getting the winter boredom blues.

Lord Jameson Gingerbread Candy Cane

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the dog with a sweet tooth? Made with 100% organic, human grade ingredients, your dog will flip for this gingerbread recipe.  The delicious treats taste sweet and are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Fromm Crunchy O’s Blueberry Blasts

Fromm Crunchy O’s are like a classic dog biscuit with a twist. For dogs who love the crunch, these will not disappoint. And with flavors like Smokin’ CheesePlosions and Pot Roast Punchers, your picky pup won’t complain. At only 2 calories per treat, your dog can enjoy several without spoiling the Christmas feast.

Hollywood Feed Bakery Biscuits

Gift the gift of homemade. Hollywood Feed’s Fresh Bakery offers baked treats homemade with the highest quality ingredients and cooked fresh daily in our kitchen in Memphis, Tennessee.

Primal Raw Beef Marrow Bones

For the serious chewers in your life, Primal Raw Beef Marrow bones are an excellent gift that will entertain for hours. Sizes vary so be sure you pick the appropriate one for your pup.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a favorite chew among most chew connoisseurs. They are highly digestible and come in different sizes depending on your dog. While they don’t last as long as the raw beef bones, they are sure to keep your pup occupied and engaged.

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    These treats sound phenomenal . I love how unique they are! The gingerbread are so cool!

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      They make perfect gifts, and dogs love them!

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