Hollywood Feed’s New Puppy Checklist

Why is it the most wonderful time of the year? Because many are bringing home new furry family members, of course! A new puppy will add to the wonder of the season but can also bring a bit of chaos if you’re unprepared. Do yourself and your new fur baby a favor by making sure you have the essentials for puppyhood success.


One of the most important new puppy items on the list is a crate. The crate will be a crucial tool for house training, and it will also function as your puppy’s safe space, where it can take a much-needed nap away from all the holiday festivities. The crate will also serve as peace of mind when you must leave your new pup unattended to run all those last-minute errands.

The Hollywood Feed Wire Crates come in sizes small enough for a teacup Chihuahua and large enough for a Great Dane. Plus, we offer 2 door and white wire crates at the lowest prices to best fit the space available in your home. $28.99 – 90.39

Crate Mat

To help your new puppy feel extra cozy and safe in a crate, you’ll want to add a crate mat. The Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Snoozepads fit perfectly in Hollywood Feed Wire Crates. The durable, breathable USA Made fabric is completely machine washable, which comes in handy when accidents happen. $29.99 – 54.99

Good Quality Collar & Leash

Leash training a puppy can sometimes be a feat. It’s something you’ll want to tackle early, so that your puppy is comfortable with not only wearing a collar but following along on a leash on whatever adventures you and your new best friend decide to take.

When your puppy has completed all its vaccinations and is able to make trips to their favorite Hollywood Feed store, make sure your pup is set with a Hollywood Feed Nylon Collar and Leash. They’re easy to clean, durable, and come with a lifetime chew guarantee. If your puppy decides the leash is a fun new chew toy while you aren’t looking, bring it back and we’ll replace it at no cost. $6.87 – $16.99

Comfy Bed

Being an adorable puppy can be exhausting. That’s why your pup will look for a cozy place to curl up and pass out. The Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made donut bed is the perfect place for your pup to get some quality zzzzzs. The soft, breathable cotton fabric is made in the USA and the zip off washable cover makes cleaning up easy! $84.99 – 149.99


Waste Management

Puppies can be mess machines! Make sure you’re never caught without a way to clean up after your pup with the Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser. Simply attach the dispenser to any style leash and go! There’s even a patented hook on the back to hold used bags for you until you reach a garbage bin. $4.99



Aside from food and water, a proper identification tag may be the most important accessory for your new pup. While you will undoubtedly be watching your new fur baby very closely, accidents do happen. Gates and doors can be left open, or gaps under the fence can be an exciting place to explore for a curious puppy. Give whoever may find your lost friend the best chance of reuniting you with them by having your pup wear a collar with an id tag that includes multiple phone numbers and an address. For extra peace of mind, take your pet to any vet clinic to be microchipped.

Tasty Treats

Your pup has a lot to learn, like where to potty and what’s appropriate to chew on. Using a high quality, enticing treat will help reinforce those good behaviors and have your pup wanting to practice more! Georgia Smoked Training Treats feature delicious single source proteins in small, easy to eat bites. $11.99

Potty Training Tools

For those moments when you’re not able to take your puppy outside to potty, it’s a good idea to have a designated area where your pup can go. The Bark Potty is a sustainable alternative to pads. Plus, the Bark Potty has the ability to not smell for a month or more because of the antimicrobial bark mix that help draw liquids to the bottom of the tray. $36.99 – 49.00


Puppy Chews

Your puppy will be teething up until it’s about six months old, so it’s crucial you continue to provide appropriate teething toys or risk losing a shoe.

The Benebone 2-Piece Puppy Pack is designed specifically for growing puppies. The different shapes provide variety, and the bacon flavor keeps your puppy engaged. The puppy pack is for pups that are 15lbs or smaller and will keep them entertained for hours. $12.56

Fun Toys

When it comes to toys for puppies, the more variety you have, the better. If you provide your new pup with fun, interesting toys, you’ll worry less about your puppy wanting to chew on one of your socks instead.

Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies come in lots of cute, plush characters in two sizes. Best part is they are two toys in one – a soft outer toy and an inner squeaky soft spiky ball that massages your dog’s teeth.

High Quality Puppy Food

Nothing beats a solid foundation. Starting your puppy off with a high-quality food will not only benefit your puppy now, but it will also pay off in terms of your pet’s long-term health. NutriSource Puppy Food is designed to provide your new furry friend with all the vitamins, fats, and proteins they need to grow up big and strong! $14.69 – 55.13


Food & Water Dishes

You’ll want to grab food and water dishes that are easy to clean and bacteria resistant. The JW Skid Stop bowl is perfect for puppies as it prevents them from moving the bowl around the floor and making messes. The JW Skid Stop Bowls are dishwasher safe and rust resistant. $4.99 – 7.94

Cleaning Supplies

Get ready – your puppy is going to make A LOT of messes. Whether you use a crate to help potty train or just try to take your puppy outside every few hours, there will be an adjustment period where lots of messes will happen. Your puppy has to learn a lot, from where is okay to potty to what is okay to chew, and sometimes it all gets confusing. Be patient and know that consistency will help with any training. Also, using an enzyme based cleaner for your puppy’s messes will help ensure the stain is removed entirely.

Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover is made with natural and organic ingredients and is sourced 100% in the USA. It uses an enzymatic blend to break down organic stains and remove lingering odors. It’s also environmentally friendly, gentle, and safe for use around children and pets. $12.99


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