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So you got a puppy for the holidays this year? Congratulations! They are sure to be a gift that keeps on giving. The holiday season is in full swing, so you probably want to get them something special. Well, we here at Hollywood Feed have created a few holiday-inspired gift ideas for your new puppy. See which gift works best for you and start your holiday shopping today without even leaving your house with our Same Day Delivery option! And comment below what you’ve gotten your animals for Christmas in the past!

Fromm Crunchy O’s

fromm crunchy o's peanut butter jammers
Fromm Crunchy O’s are a great treat for puppies!


Fromm Crunchy O’s are a healthy treat that is great for puppies. At only 2 kcals per treat, these are a great option for training treats. There are lots of delicious flavors, so chose the one that your pup likes best: Peanut Butter Jammers, Smokin’ CheeseSpolsions, Pumpkin Kran Pow, and Slammin’ Smoked Salmon. This crunchy treat will be something they beg for year-round! $5.80- $18.81

Bark Potty

bark potty
Bark Pottys are great for puppy training!


The Bark Potty is a gift that will benefit everyone in the family! If you live in an apartment or any other complex where a yard isn’t readily available, this is the product for you. Potty training can be difficult, even more so if you have family over for the holidays and can’t leave the house as often. The Bark Potty has the ability to not smell for a month or more because of the proprietary bark mix which is naturally antimicrobial. Like cedar and other woods, it is full of safe bacteria and aromatic resins that naturally break down odors and inhibit odor causing bacteria. Dogs are instinctively attracted to the smell of the outdoors. Like the wood chips found in your home mulch or at the dog park, your dog will know that the bark inside Bark Potty makes for a sweet spot to “go!” $36.99-$49.00

Hollywood Feed New York Made Stain & Odor Products

new york made stain and odor honeysuckle
Try out any of our amazing scents, like Honeysuckle!


New Your Made Stain & Odor Products is a great gift for anybody you know that just got a puppy! Owning a new puppy can get messy, and we understand that. That’s why we set out to produce a stain and odor remover that is designed to combat those messes effectively and safely, all while being 100% sourced in the USA. Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover is New York Made with natural and organic ingredients; so it’s not your typical household cleaner. Our cleaners use a unique blend of enzymes, organic surfactants, and filtered water to break down and eliminate greasy stains and organic stains like urine, feces, vomit, and mud. Try any of our decadent scents, from green tea & mandarin, lavender & mint, grapefruit & tea tree, and eucalyptus & rosemary! $12.99-$31.99

Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Collars & Leashes

pink petal hollywood feed leashhollywood feed pink petal dog collar

Your puppy will need a new collar and leash, so you might as well get a stylish one! Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made dog collars, and leashes are all American made products. When the Mississippi Made dog bed patterns are cut from the textiles, the surplus fabric is collected and used to make our dog collars and dog leashes. This results in a comfortable and practical leash and collar for your dog, and you have peace of mind knowing it was made locally and ethically. $15.98-$21.99

Wire Crate

fluffy dog in a black wire crate with red and black crate mat
Murphy loves his Hollywood Feed crate, especially with the Snoozepad!


Dogs prefer a space of their own where they can feel safe and secure. A wire dog crate or dog kennel can act as a dog’s den. Dog crates provide the perfect place to start house training or keep your dog safe in your absence. When introduced properly, your dog will love the crate as much as a favorite chew toy. Hollywood Feed has the best selection of sizes and prices on wire crates to keep your dog comfy and cozy! $28.99-$92.39

Mississippi Made Snoozepads

mississippi made black and red snoozepad with a dog paw across it
Make crate time cozy with the Mississippi Made Snoozepad!


Can’t forget the Snoozepad if you get the wire crate! The Hollywood Feed Snoozepad makes crate time so cozy. The Mississippi Made Snoozepad is perfect for lounging and restful naps in the crate. The durable, breathable USA Made fabric allows for the ultimate sleep and fits perfectly in a crate or in areas where larger dog beds don’t quite fit. The Mississippi Made Snoozepad is completely machine washable, so it’s excellent for puppies. $29.99-$54.99

Holiday Toys

beaver huxley & kent plush dog toy ralphie beaver
Puppy toys are a great holiday gift idea!


Want a more traditional gift for your puppy or someone you know that has a puppy? Try a holiday toy from trusted brands like KONG, Patchwork, Huxley & Kent, HuggleHounds, and SPOT! Holiday toys will make your new puppy feel included when everyone is opening gifts on Christmas morning. Shop the type of toy that will withstand the energetic puppy chewing style, like a rope toy, a durable plush toy, or interactive toys that will keep them busy all throughout the night. $6.99-$29.99


puppy pack benebone
Help your teething puppy out with these Benebone chew toys!


Benebones, especially the Benebone Puppy Pack, are a great stocking stuffer for new puppy parents. The chew toy is designed to help puppies that are teething. This bone is made softer so it’s gentler on little teeth but is still packed with tons of USA-sourced bacon flavor. The Benebone dental chew helps promote healthy chewing while discouraging chewing on your valuables, like furniture and shoes! Bonus: this dental chew and wishbone help remove plaque and tartar as your pup chews! $10.88-$14.20

Georgia Smoked Treats

Georgia smoked treats chicken recipe training treats for puppies
These delicious treats would be the best stocking stuffers for your puppy!


The Georgia Smoked treat are the best training treats out there! Manufactured in the USA, these treats are soft enough to tear into pieces so you can ensure you aren’t giving your puppy too much! These treats are smoked in Georgia with wholesome, carefully sourced ingredients, simple limited ingredient recipe is a great for puppies with digestive issues or sensitivities, and high protein with real meat as the first ingredient with no fillers or artificial preservatives. $11.99-$17.99

Holiday Apparel

black puppy wearing red christmas sweater from hotel doggy
Give the gift of style!


Get your pup in the Christmas spirit with holiday apparel. From pajamas, to bow ties, to dog sweaters, your puppy will be the most stylish family member on the Christmas card this year! These durable yet comfortable dog apparel come from trusted brands like Huxley & Kent, Hotel Doggy, and Fashion Pet! $6.99-$32.99

List of Products:

  1. Fromm Crunchy O’s
  2. Bark Potty
  3. Hollywood Feed New York Made Stain & Odor Products
  4. Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Collars & Leashes
  5. Wire Crate
  6. Mississippi Made Snoozepads
  7. Holiday Toys
  8. Benebones
  9. Georgia Smoked Treats
  10. Holiday Apparel

Don’t feel overwhelmed by choosing the perfect dog products for friends and family who have just adopted a young puppy! We have you covered with these unique products that should make any puppy’s holiday more enjoyable. These gift ideas will delight puppies and their owners and help start training on the right paw! Read our other blogs for more gift ideas!

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