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Our Feed Team is extensively trained to help you and your pet find exactly what you need! Our new page will be a collection of favorite products from the employees you trust to make your shopping experience easier and quicker! Here’s a sneak peek of some Feed Team Favorites that will be featured on our new page!

Wondercide Flea & Tick Peppermint 32 oz.

Kaniel S. Huntsville, AL

Reason for Recommendation: I’ve used Wondercide extensively for years, not just for flea and tick prevention, but also to help control, repel, and kill other creepy-crawlies. I’ve used it and have gotten great results preventing mosquitoes from biting, keeping fruit flies at bay, protecting my home from box elder beetles, and have even had success with ants. It’s completely safe around dogs, cats, babies, and most smaller pets, too, but will kill a flea dead in seven seconds on contact (I’ve timed it!) and has a wonderful smell. I like the rosemary the best, but if you’re sensitive to scents, the peppermint is the mildest smell overall.

ACANA Lamb & Apple Singles

Mackenzie S. and Yeezy Peachtree Corners, GA

Reason for Recommendation: My EXTREMELY picky dog (who I love with my whole heart, but it took me trying ten foods to find one he’d eat) LOVES this food. It’s the first one I’ve found in 5ish years that he’ll eat without anything on it! Even his occasionally sensitive stomach has done really well with it, especially since it was kind of an abrupt switch. Yeezy & I can’t recommend it enough 🙂

Clean Paws Absorbent Mat & Tall Tails Wet Paws Mat

Traci F. and Little Luna Morrisville, NC

Reason for Recommendation: I think everyone should have these at any door you regularly go in and out of.  Particularly when it’s raining. It absorbs water from paws and helps gather dirt and mud before you hit main areas in your home. Specifically for Little Luna, it pulls the water off her little paws to keep her from getting so cold. Bonus it is machine washable.

Prudence Skin Health & Allergy Support with Krill Oil, Grizzly Joint Aid Pellets, & Weruva Dogs in Kitchen- Fowl Ball

Ashley H. Katy, TX

Reason for Recommendation: Finally found a combo that BOTH of my seniors are excited to eat. I use dry kibble and mix in Weruva dog food, Grizzly Joint Aid Pellets, and Prudence Skin Health and Allergy Support. They love it and seem to have more energy and better coats!

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