30 days of thankfulness with hollywood feed

Kick Off 30 Days of Thankfulness with Hollywood Feed!

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This year, Hollywood Feed is starting the holiday season off right with 30 Days of Thankfulness! We asked employees throughout the company to send us stories of what they are thankful for. Turns out we have a lot to be thankful for this year (and every year): working with family, dogs that get us through tough times, sociable store cats, and more! Comment down below what you are most thankful for!

Thankful for a Dog’s Unconditional Love!

beagle laying on bed looking at camera
RJ helped get Samantha and her mom through tough times.

“When I was 20, I got my first dog. I promised my mom that he would be there for no more than a week (my mom did NOT like dogs). Well… he’s been there for 9.5 years.

RJ is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix. When I got him, I had just broken off an engagement, and I was having a hard time. Instead of being depressed and sitting around at home, RJ gave me a reason to get up. I wasn’t allowed to sit around and be sad. I now had this busy, furry being that needed me to teach him how to be a member of my family. I spent every waking moment learning about dogs and training and food so that I could take care of him how he deserved. He was so good my mom refused to let me take him when I moved out.

The following summer, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. RJ worked his magic again. He sat with her on the bad days, helped her find joy when all she felt was pain, and made sure that she found time and reasons to play and walk. She is now cancer free! My mom, who now loves dogs, always says that she thinks RJ came into our lives because we both would need him. He will celebrate his 10th birthday this year. I don’t know what I would do without him, and I’m glad that he brings my parents unconditional love and joy.”

Samantha F.

Thankful for Billiam, the Store Cat!

gray and white cat in pet store
Billiam looking so handsome while at our Poplar & Yates store!
“This is Billiam! He was abandoned at the Poplar & Yates store in the Fall of 2021 completely covered in fleas and terrified. I immediately took him home and he has been with me every since. He is one of the few approved store cats! I am in store setup, so he gets to travel to a bunch of different states with me and loves it. His favorite thing to do is to break all my blinds to looks out windows. Customers can usually see him at our Poplar & Yates store when we are in town! He is the sweetest man in the world and loves to cuddle. He turned someone who really has never liked cats into a full blown cat person!”
Hannah T.

Thankful for Friends, Community, and Weekends!

one black dog and one white dog looking at camera
Brady (left) and Sky (right) love hanging out at the Hollywood Feed on the weekends!
“Hi my name is Katherine D. I go by Katie, and I work in Lake Forest. My dog Brady, a black poodle mix, comes to work with me every weekend. Since Brady started “working” on the weekend, he has become a store favorite and many people bring in their own pups and dogs just for them to meet with Brady. One of Brady’s favorites is an Australian poodle mix named Sky. She stops in the store almost every weekend to see Brady.”
Katie D.

Thankful to Work with Family!

four ladies sitting at a table
Sister Moe (Germantown, TN), Aunt Donna (Richardson, TX), Me (Charlotte, NC), Momma Linda (Cordova, TN)

“I’m thankful for my family that also works for Hollywood Feed & that we get to see each other at our annual Managers Meetings! ?
Lauren I.

Thankful for a Supportive Boss, Animals, and Company!

dog and black cat on red background
Loki and Harley bring joy to Matt’s life!
“My name is Matt F. and I am the Store Manager at store #429 in University Heights, OH.
This year, I am definitely thankful for my wonderful boss, Andrea Onita. The most supportive, patient, and hardworking boss I have ever had. Shoutout to her for helping me grow into the manager I am.
Second, I am thankful for my animals, Loki & Harley. Loki is a male black cat and Harley is a male Jack Russell mix. They are both such a joy to be around and truly make the world a better place. I actually adopted Loki in the midst of Covid 2020. I was mentally not in a good place and he just brought so much joy and love into my life when I needed it the most. Harley is constantly full of energy and loves to run around no matter where he is. Harley is one of the fastest running dogs I have ever seen and he enjoys a butt rub & scratch every night before bed.
I am also thankful to work for this amazing company, where I feel welcomed and appreciated by everyone.”
Matt F.

Thankful for Mason and Champ!

tan dog and black and white dog on red background
Mason (top left) had a paw in giving Leann Champ.

“In April, 2022 I decided to go for a walk in Mason Mill Park in Decatur. I was the manager of store 54, Roswell Marketplace. I found a tiny, tan little pitbull puppy wandering around in the parking lot. I took him home and named him Mason and he was my little sidekick. I brought him to work with me every day. Turns out he was only 6 weeks old, but with some nutrition in him he grew quickly. He loved to play and he loved treats and toys.

In June, I moved to Jonesboro GA, and transferred to the new store in Peachtree City (118). I had purchased a house so had a backyard for the first time in a long time. Mason loved running in the yard. On July 13, I called him and he began running towards me, then stopped and laid down. He never really came back after that, and 10 minutes later he was at the vet, where he passed away. They believed he had a burst blood vessel due to a heart condition.
My heart was broken, and in many ways still is. But he brought me 3 months of joy and love and I am forever thankful for him.
A few weeks later, we saw a puppy posted on Facebook on our previous neighborhood page. He had been found by a couple who lived near Mason Mill park where I found Mason (!) and they were looking for a potential adopter. We drove back to the same park I had found Mason in and met Champ.
Champ is a black Great Dane mix, with white paws and chest and tip of his tail. He is 6 months old and 55 pounds! Full of energy, but also very intelligent and willing to do anything for a treat. He loves giving kisses.
He has a number of Mason’s mannerisms, and quirks. Floppy ears, paws too big for his body, clumsy pouncing run and love of people and other dogs.
I had set up a fundraiser in Mason’s memory for one of my favorite rescues and had posted it on that same Facebook page. One of the people who donated was the woman who then found Champ, even though I had never met her before! … so
Mason had a paw in giving us Champ, and we still feel his presence with us. We loved Mason for a short time in life, but are so thankful for what he taught us and that he brought us to Champ. And we are extremely thankful for our baby boy who has stolen our hearts and pray he stays healthy and with us for many many years.”
Leann B. 

Thankful for Family and Furbabies!

beagle and large dog on red background
Just two of George’s adorable animals!

“Thankful for the unconditional love of my furbabies. A family that shares my love of pets. So lucky to have them all in my life.”
George O.

Thankful for a Good Job and Meeting Furry Buddies Every Day!

man holding puppy in hollywood feed store
Justin loves meeting all the furry buddies!

“This year, I am thankful for being given the opportunity to be a part of an exciting new chapter in my very long pet retail story. Hollywood Feed has demonstrated, at the highest level, how much they value not only their customers, but also their employees.

From improving employee pay, to bringing more information and transparency to stores, to being beyond generous with employee discounts; I can honestly say in that this is the BEST company I have ever worked for.

The leadership has practiced what they preach since day one of the acquisition.. and I think I speak for a great deal of people when I say that Hollywood Feed has done a phenomenal job!

Oh.. I am also thankful for all the furry buddies we meet on a daily basis :)”

Justin K. 

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  1. John

    I’m a veteran and when I was having issues from PTSD, I stopped at the SPCA and found my puppy that has helped me keep somewhat adjusted to Life. His name is Brick and I would not trade him for the world . He is my best friend ?

    1. gracegilman@hollywoodfeed.com

      Thankful for you and Brick! We appreciate you sharing your story!

  2. CWS

    Heartwarming stories.❤️❤️❤️

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      Stories like these will make anybody’s day <3

  3. Jason Harlan

    DOGS are the BEST!

    That is all.

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      They are the best! We couldn’t agree more 😀

  4. Kathy Truhn

    I am thankful that Jacci is your groomer! My dog absolutely loves her and so do I!

    1. gracegilman@hollywoodfeed.com

      We are thankful for Jacci as well! Thanks for sharing!

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