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March Feed Team Favorites!

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Our Feed Team is extensively trained to help you and your pet find exactly what you need! Each month we will update our new page with a collection of favorite products from the employees you trust to make your shopping experience easier and quicker online! Here are March’s Feed Team Favorites!

Primal Goat Milk Plus- Cranberry Blast

Dorcus M. and Nandi, Corporate Office

Reason for Recommendation: I have used this milk for my puppy Nandi since I had her at 6 months. She can not get enough of it. On days when I only feed her kibble and she won’t eat as much, I simply pour this milk in her kibble and Nandi gobbles the entire bowl! Even now with her being in heat, the milk is very nourishing for her.

primal cranberry blast goat's milk hollywood feed feed team favorite
Dorcus M. and Nandi, Corporate Office


Made in South America Esophagus Chews, any and all shapes and sizes

Haley F., Bartonville, TX

Reason for Recommendation: My dogs would probably sell my soul for an esophagus chew! I have a picky dog who doesn’t usually love to chew, but he would do backflips to earn a gullet!

made in south america esophagus chews hollywood feed feed team favorites
Haley F., Bartonville, TX


Prudence Skin Health & Allergy Support with Krill Oil

Maggie G., The Woodlands, TX

Reason for Recommendation: One of my two dogs is allergic to turkey and chicken in addition to seasonal skin allergies. This has helped her skin and her itching immensely! My poor pup was non-stop scratching, and now, there’s no more scratching and she finally has relief! My older pup has been having flakey skin lately too, so I added this to her food as well and it’s now cleared up and we have happy puppers!

Prudence skin support and allergy health feed team favorites hollywood feed
Maggie G., The Woodlands, TX


Progility Max Calming Aid

Jordan Y., Cumming, GA

Reason for Recommendation: These work amazing for any dog that has anxiety, like going to the vet or a car ride! They help my basset calm down at night after a stressful day at the vet!

progility max calming aid feed team favorites hollywood feed
Jordan Y., Cumming, GA


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