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May Feed Team Favorites: Fun Toys and Delicious Foods, Even for the Pickiest of Pets!

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Our Feed Team is extensively trained to know what is best for you and your pet’s needs. They also have personal recommendations from their pets– what toys they LOVE, what treats they are addicted to, what beds make them fall asleep instantly, and more!

 Our May Feed Team Favorites feature toys durable enough even for the toughest of chewers, treats picky eaters will love, and food for both cats and dogs!

dog with georgia smoked sausages hollywood feed
Abbey C., Oklahoma City, OK

Georgia Smoked Sausages (all flavors)

Reason for Recommendation: My dogs are both pickier when it comes to treats, but they absolutely love the Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Sausages (in all the flavors)! I love that they are easy to break into small pieces to give as training treats!

german shepherd with primal freeze-dried cupboard cuts meal toppers
Payton, Crestview Hills, KY

Primal Freeze-Dried Cupboard Cuts

Reason for Recommendation: I recommend the Primal Cupboard Cuts! My dogs really love the fish flavor. Its easy to use as a topper or even treats!

dog on a bed with tall tails blue whale toy
Aric, Atoka, TN

Tall Tails Blue Whale

Reason for Recommendation: My Zelda can’t go anywhere without her whale! It’s a great plush toy for hard chewers!

dog holding a ruffdawg dawg-nut toy
Aric, Atoka, TN

RuffDawg Dawg-Nut

Reason for Recommendation: Ruff Dawg sells itself! The perfect choice for any ruff chewers! 

a bag of steve's real food turducken recipe on kitchen counter
Anne H., Birmingham, MI

 Steve’s Real Food – Frozen Turducken

Reason for Recommendation: I love that this is a food that can be fed to dogs OR cats.  All their recipes are fortified with goat’s milk, and all the vitamins and minerals come from whole raw foods, rather than vitamin packs.  The convenience of the nugget size means it defrosts quickly and is easily fed as a complete meal or as an add-in for folks not ready or able to feed fully raw.  It’s incredibly digestible, and we’ve seen amazing results with my own dog who suffers from IBD and has to have a very limited, personalized diet.  The price point makes it one of the best bangs for your buck and an excellent recommendation for folks dipping their toes into raw feeding!

dog on hollywood feed counter next to country natural's rawternative treats
Abbey C., Oklahoma City, OK

Country Naturals Rawternative Air Dried Food –  Beef

Reason for Recommendation: I have a dog that is extra picky about treats, so I tried the Rawternative out because it is soft and meaty. My dog absolutely loves them! They are now his favorite “treat” ever. I also use them as a topper on his kibble. Since then, I have gotten many customers to try them for their picky dogs as well, and they all love them too!

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