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The Benefits of a Good Litter Box Routine and Automatic Litter Boxes

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The Benefits of a Good Litter Box Routine and Automatic Litter Boxes

black cat sitting in a pink litter box Ah, the litter box. It’s one of the most important parts of owning a cat—but it can also be one of the most dreaded. After all, nobody likes scooping out a dirty litter box. But there are some real benefits to having an effective litter box routine for your cat, and if you stick with it, you may find that it’s not so bad after all! Also, when should you consider getting an automatic litter box? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a good litter box routine and if an automatic litter box is right for you.Fresh And Natural Cat Litter - Unscented

Benefits of a Litter Box Routine

The first benefit is health and safety. Regularly changing and cleaning your cat’s litter box helps keep harmful bacteria away from your furry friend. This reduces the chance of your cat getting an infection or other health issues from using an unclean box. Also, for most cats, if their litter box is dirty, they will go outside the litter box. Plus, if you use clumping litter, it can help reduce odors that come from the box as well!

Another benefit is a convenience for both you and your pet. Having a regular routine for when to clean and change out your cat’s litter makes sure that their bathroom needs are always taken care of in a timely manner—which means there will be no surprises down the line! And if you have more than one cat in the house, having multiple boxes (with different types of litter) helps make things easier for everyone involved.

Types of Litter

What are some different types of litter? See an excerpt below from our blog, “Learning About Litter.” Click here to read more.

  • Clay Litter

    • Clay litter is the first litter type made for indoor use. The dried clay absorbs urine and allows for the burying of feces. This type of litter can be messy and you will have to clean up clay dust from around the house. Can be more inexpensive than other styles of litter.
  • Grain Litter

    • Grain litter is a natural, biodegradable litter made out of grains like corn, wheat and pine, wood chips, and even citrus peels! Less mess is tracked out of the litter box than with other styles.Sustainably Yours Cat Litter - Natural Multi Cat Small Grains
  • Crystal Litter

    • Crystal litter is made up of silicone-based pellets that absorb urine, moisture from feces, and odors. You can use less of this than other litter because it is super absorbent but usually more expensive than other styles of litter.
  • Paper Litter

    • Paper litter is biodegradable litter made of recycled paper. It’s very absorbent and good at odor control.
  • Odor Control Litter

    • Odor Control litter uses a scent, baking soda, enzymes, or some other means to attempt to neutralize or overwhelm any odors. There is no substitute, however, for cleaning your litter box often.
  • Clumping Litter

    • Clumping litter causes urine to clump together so that it can be scooped out easily versus non-clumping litter where the urine is simply absorbed into pellets and the whole box will be dumped after some amount of time.

Finally, having a good litter box routine can help improve your relationship with your pet. Cats are creatures of habit—so by making sure their bathroom needs are taken care of consistently, you’re showing them that they can rely on you to provide what they need in order to feel comfortable and secure in their home environment. That goes a long way toward building trust between a pet and their owner!

Whisker Litter-Robot 3 Connect - Grey Benefits of an Automatic Litter Boxblack cat in a gray litter-robot

If getting into a litter box routine is not something you think you can maintain, consider getting a self-cleaning, or automatic, litter box. Automatic litter boxes are on the pricier side, but their convenience makes the price point worth it for some. Sometimes work runs over, you accidentally fall asleep, or you simply forgot, a self-cleaning litter box would save the day! At Hollywood Feed, we are the exclusive retailer of the Litter-Robot by Whisker. The Litter-Robot is one of the more automatic litter boxes, but it is also one of the most expensive. There are also PetSafe automatic litter boxes that self-clean that’s at a more economical price point.

Having an effective and consistent litter box routine is essential for any cat owner who wants to ensure their pet’s health and happiness. Not only does it keep them safe from potential illnesses caused by bacteria buildup in an unclean box, but it also helps build trust between you and your feline friend! So don’t let those dreaded scooping sessions get you down. Get a good litterbox routine could make all the difference for both you and your pet!

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