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Trending Pet Halloween Costumes 2023: 5 Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

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Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore. As pet parents, we love to include our furry friends in the festivities. An array of pet Halloween costumes and accessories are available that can turn your ordinary pet into an extraordinary spectacle for Halloween. Here are five fun and creative costume ideas using items from Hollywood Feed:

1. Ghostbuster Pooch

With the Huxley & Kent Bow Tie – Halloween – Ghostbusters, your dog can join the paranormal investigators and eliminators team. This bow tie features the iconic Ghostbusters logo, and when paired with a tan or khaki shirt, your pooch will be ready to bust some ghosts this Halloween.

dog with ghost buster huxley and kent bow tie next to a man dressed up as a ghost

2. Royal Majesty

Transform your pet into royalty with the Huxley & Kent Pet Apparel Pink Crown. This soft, plush crown is perfect for the pet who rules your heart and home. Add a regal cape or robe, and your pet will be ready to hold court on All Hallows’ Eve.

Huxley & Kent Pet Apparel - Pink Crown

3. Plaid Perfection

For a more subtle yet stylish look, consider the Huxley & Kent Bow Tie – High Street Plaid. This chic accessory can transform your pet into a dapper gentleman or a classy lady. Pair it with a matching collar and leash for a coordinated ensemble.

Huxley & Kent Bow Tie - High Street Plaid

4. Woodstock Wanderer

Channel the spirit of the ’60s with the Huxley & Kent Bow Tie – Woodstock. This colorful, psychedelic print bow tie can turn your pet into a peace-loving hippie. Add a flower crown or a pair of round sunglasses for the full effect!

Huxley & Kent Pet Bow Tie - Woodstock

5. Party Animal

For a fun and festive look, consider the Huxley & Kent Charming Party Hat – Pink. This adorable hat can turn your pet into the life of the Halloween party. Pair it with a colorful tutu or bandana for a complete party animal outfit.

dog and cat with party hats on pink

Remember, while dressing up your pet can be fun, their comfort and safety should always come first. Always supervise your pet while they’re wearing their pet Halloween costumes, and make sure it doesn’t restrict their movement, vision, or ability to breathe, bark, or meow. Happy Halloween!

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