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Why Should You Buy Your Coffee at a Holistic Pet Store?

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I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you to buy the coffee you brew at home every morning at Hollywood Feed. (No, the coffee is not meant for our cats or dogs, to get that out of the way.) Most of us have never even seen coffee in a pet store, but now it has officially arrived and for a good reason. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. donates 20% of all proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations. I thought that was a great reason to give Grounds & Hounds coffee a try, and so did Hollywood Feed.

a Dalmatian looking at a bag of coffee and cup.20% Goes to Rescues

What do you do when you love coffee and you love dogs? You create a coffee company where “Every Pound Saves a Hound” by giving 20% of all proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations that help thousands of animals each year. Here are the rescues that benefit from donations:

  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue
  • Pet Refuge
  • Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Secondhand Hounds
  • Midwest Animal ResQ
  • Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center
  • Born Again Pit Bull Rescue
  • Wags and Walks
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
  • Athletes For Animals
  • Charleston Animal Society
  • Humane Society Silicon Valley
  • Humane Society of Indianapolis
  • Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue
  • Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
  • Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

Grounds and Hounds Patriotic blend.Organic and Delicious

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. loves to help dogs, but its attention is definitely focused on making a delicious, high quality, and responsible product that people can really enjoy. Grounds & Hounds artisan roasted coffees are 100% Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified.

In the roast I tried, Alpha Blend, you may notice interesting and tasty hints of vanilla bean, ginger, nutmeg and dark chocolate if your palate is refined enough. The whole bean roast was easy for me to grind at home. Plus, freshly ground coffee just tastes a little better. I was much more impressed with the flavor and aroma of this coffee than I thought I would be (and I am a pretty picky coffee drinker, not just any old cup of coffee will really get me going for the day). Grounds & Hounds definitely gets my approval in the flavor department and won my husband over as well.

Roast Options and Price

Grounds & Hounds roasts are available here and in Hollywood Feed stores. They are Alpha Blend (dark roast), Morning Walk Blend (light roast), and Paper & Slippers Blend (light and dark roasts).

Morning Walk Blend – 12 oz – Ground …………………$14.99
Alpha Blend – 12 oz – Whole Bean ……………………….$14.99
Paper & Slippers Blend – 12 oz – Whole Bean ……….$14.99

The Bottom Line

Grounds & Hounds coffee tastes great and when I think about 20% of all proceeds being donated directly to Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.’s rescue partners, it makes me feel good about where that extra bit of money for my morning coffee is going. It is a conscious decision I can make every single morning, to drink delicious organic coffee and donate to the animals I love at the same time.

I think everyone should pick up a bag of Grounds & Hounds coffee here or the next time you are shopping at your local Hollywood Feed store and give it a try. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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