Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Dogs

As you deck the paws and search for last minute presents, here are some of our favorite gift suggestions for your four-legged best friends. You can’t go wrong with one or more of these under the Christmas tree!

Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Dog Treat Chicken & Black Bean Jerky

While too much smoked ham or turkey for dogs can be bad, these Georgia Smoked Chicken & Black Bean Jerky treats are the perfect healthy snack. Manufactured in the USA with only six high-quality ingredients, the Georgia Smoked treats are a classic favorite. $14.99

Fashion Pet Ugly Sweater

You definitely don’t want to leave your dog out of the holiday photos. The My Ugly Christmas Sweater will keep your pup looking festive and feeling cozy for the holidays. $20.79 – $25.59

Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Donut Dog Bed

Being a cute pup can be exhausting, so reward your dog with the gift of comfort this year. The unique donut shape allows your dog to snuggle, burrow, and curl up for the ultimate rest. Sourced and made in the USA, the high-quality fabric is durable and machine washable for convenience. $84.99 – $149.99

Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies

Since your dog has most certainly been a good boy this year, a new toy like the Nubbie Buddies Fox is an excellent gift. The two is two in one, with a spiky ball inside, and a squeaker that will keep your pup entertained. $7.99 – $9.99

Hollywood Feed Tennis Ball

For most dogs, you can’t go wrong gifting a tennis ball. Perfect for a bit of exercise after the big holiday meals. $1.99

Hollywood Feed Nylon Collar and Leash

Start the new year off right with a new collar and leash set! Hollywood Feed Adjustable Nylon Dog Collars and Nylon Leashes offer the perfect combination of durability and style. $6.99 – $16.87

Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain

A good New Year’s resolution is to drink more water, so keep your dogs hydrated and happy with the Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain. Free-falling streams add more oxygen to the water to keep it fresh for your pets. The activated carbon filter and foam filter work together to remove bad tastes and odors from the water and catch hair and debris. Holding 128 ounces, this fountain has a 360-degree bowl design so your pets can drink from any angle. $69.95

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Hyper Hounds

The busy holidays can sometimes be ruff on hyper hounds. Other activities often take precedence, and playful pups can end up with less fun time. If you want to avoid your hyper hound knocking the Christmas tree down, check out these pawfect gifts to keep your pup occupied.

Chuckit! Pro Launcher

If your pup is a fetchaholic, the Chuckit! Pro Launcher is a pawsome gift. Throw further, faster and never bend down to pick up a slimy ball again. Have a ball without throwing your arm out. $14.95

Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher

The Petsafe Automatic Ball launcher is perfect for the ultimate game of fetch. Launch regular size tennis balls up to 30 feet with special angle settings included. $154.95

Heavenly Hounds Relaxation Squares

Instead of a chill pill for pups, try Heavenly Hounds Relaxation Squares. Natural ingredients promote relaxation and balanced behavior. The peanut butter flavor ensures dogs love the taste. $3.99

Progility Calming Soft Chews

For a daily calming treat, veterinarian formulated Progility Calming Soft Chews work to decrease your pup’s anxiety. Added probiotics also promote a healthy digestive system for your hyper hound. $34.99

Kong Wobbler

For those dreary weather days where you and your furry best friend are stuck indoors, the Kong Wobbler is great for interactive play. Put treats or dry kibble in the Wobbler and keep your pup entertained as she learns how to get the treats out. Also great for pups who scarf food down too quickly. $14.99 – $19.99

Hollywood Feed Octopus Nubbie Buddie

Nubbie Buddies feature a variety of fun plush characters in two sizes, an inner ball covered in spiky Nubs that will massage your dog’s teeth, and a squeaker that will keep your pup’s attention. Nubbie Buddies is sure to be your dog’s favorite toy! $7.99 – $9.99


Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Pet Parents

Instead of getting your pet loving friend the same old gift this year, what about something more special that speaks to her inner pet parent? For the ultimate pet lover gifts for friends, family, or even yourself, check out these pawtastic presents.

Hollywood Feed Dogs Make Me Happy Tumbler

For those of us who tend to get along better with dogs than people, this 22 oz tumbler says it all: Dogs Make Me Happy, You…Not So Much! Perfect for hot cocoa or coffee on a cold day, the festive red design is fitting for the season. $19.99

Hollywood Feed Not Drinking Alone Wine Glass

Calling all pet loving introverts! We’ve got the pawfect gift for you. When you have a pet, you’re never drinking alone. Our wine glasses are great for anyone who has a four-legged friend at home. $14.99

Primitives by Kathy Wigglebutts Box Sign

This Primitives by Kathy box sign is the perfect gift for your hardworking, dog-loving friend (or for yourself…we won’t tell). The slightly distressed letter design gives this charming sign a vintage or rustic look. $7.99

Primitives by Kathy I’ll Be Watching You Dish Towel

Any dog parent knows this is true! This dish towel is an excellent gift for dog moms and dog dads who love to cook. $7.99

Grounds & Hounds A Different Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Grounds and Hounds prides itself on making quality coffee using the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced and 100% organic. A Different Blend features notes of cocoa, vanilla, and nutmeg, while an intense smokiness rounds out the experience. This dark roast provides a robust drink that’s also approachable. Perfect for coffee aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Plus, 20% of proceeds go to a rescue partner located near you. $16.99

Hollywood Feed Yes I Really Do Need All These Dogs T-Shirt

The next time someone questions you, have the answer written right on your T-Shirt – yes, you really do need all those dogs! Hollywood Feed makes their shirts from 100% cotton, and they come in a variety of styles. T-shirts make for the perfect gift for all your dog-loving friends. Just don’t forget to pick up one for yourself… and always say yes to the dog. $14.99

Pure Waves Speaker Bottle

Turn your walks and dog park trips up a notch with the new Waves Speaker Bottles! The double-walled tumblers feature a Bluetooth Speaker lid with flashing LED lights.  Dishwasher safe and will keep drinks cold for 24+ hours. $49.99

Specialty Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

Your pet parent friends will thank you for gifting any of the Specialty Pet Odor Exterminator candles. This candle uses powerful enzymes to attack and neutralize unpleasant smells instead of just masking them. With an estimated burn time of 70 hours, this long-lasting candle will keep your home free of unwanted pet odors. $9.99


Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Cozy Pets

We all know that one dog that puts comfort above all else except for its family, of course. This gift guide is for the pup that prefers to burrow under a mountain of blankets and curl up in the softest, comfiest bed in the house. Check out these pawfect presents for the four-legged professional nap taker in your life.

Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Seasonal Donut Bed

Whether your pup loves to curl up or sprawl out, the Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Donut Bed is perfect for snoozing comfortably. Made with durable, high-quality, USA made fabrics, this bed is designed to withstand lots of restful ZZZZZs. The cover is removable and machine washable allowing for easy cleaning. $134.99

Tall Tails Dog Bed Blanket Micro Sherpa

For the ultimate sleep, the Tall Tails Micro Sherpa Blanket will keep your pup warm and cozy wherever his favorite sleep spot may be. The blankets are machine washable and dryable and perfect for taking on trips for extra comfort. $29.99

Fashion Pet Penguin Sweater

If your pup just can’t seem to stay warm, the Fashion Pet Penguin Sweater is a festive addition to her wardrobe. The fit is snug and comes in different sizes for tiny dogs all the way up to large breeds. $25.99 – $35.99

Patchwork Pets Christmas Holiday Sloth

For naps when your pup is unable to snuggle with you, the Patchwork Holiday Sloth is a good substitute. Made from a super soft fabric, the sloth will be the pawfect “baby” for your dog. $15.99

Primitives by Kathy Love & A Dog Socks & Sign Set

For the comfy, cozy loving human in your life, the Primitives by Kathy Love & a Dog Socks and Sign Set is a great gift to keep warm and show off their pet loving sensibilities. $16.99

Hotel Doggy Plush Red Pawprint Pajamas

Your dog can be stylish and snug as a bug in a rug with the Hotel Doggy Pajamas. Made with a soft fabric, bedtime will be extra cozy with these pjs. $19.99

Manual Woodworkers Long Day Pillow

Here’s a gift you and your sleep loving pup could share! Brighten up your living space with this cute and comfy pillow designed for dog lovers. $12.99

Lord Jameson Holiday Cobbler Dog Treats

Lounging and snacking go hand in hand. For those lazy Sundays with your pup, make sure you’ve got some delicious snacks. The Lord Jameson Holiday Cobbler Treats are made with sweet and juicy apples plus aromatic coconut and holiday spice. $12.99


Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are special. They’ve been with us through it all, and they deserve something special for the holidays. Most of all, they deserve extra love and recognition for being our best friends. Check out our gift guide recommendations for all the amazing senior pups.

Tall Tails Elevated Cot

Your senior pup can sleep in ultimate comfort with the Tall Tails Elevated Cot. Not only does it keep your dog off hard and warm surfaces, it provides orthopedic support by alleviating stress on the joints. The elevated cot comes in different sizes depending on what your dog needs. $124.99 – $169.99

Mississippi Made Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed

The Mississippi Made Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed is designed to provide the ultimate support for your dog. The soft microfiber cover keeps your dog cozy, and the spacious size allows for stretching out or curling up – whichever your pet prefers. For older dogs with hip and joint issues or those who have recently undergone surgery, the firm memory foam makes it easy for them to move on and off the bed and ensures the fill won’t break down over time. The removable cover makes cleaning the Mississippi Made Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed simple. $129.99 – $149.99

Prudence Ultimate Hip and Joint Soft Chew Supplement

As your dog ages, the cartilage may become less resilient. Prudence Ultimate Hip and Joint – High Potency provides a proprietary blend of ingredients, including NEM™ to support connective tissue, structural integrity, flexibility and mobility. Your senior dog can have some pep in his step again! $34.99

Primal Raw Goat Milk

Great for senior pups who need a little boost or are tired of the same old food, Primal offers an additional way to elevate your pet’s health with raw goat milk. Raw goat milk can most easily be absorbed by a variety of mammals and is known as the universal milk, as it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids. $6.99 – $12.99

Polka Dog Turkey & Cranberry Wonder Nuggets

Made with USA-sourced dehydrated turkey and East Coast cranberries, these soft, chewy all-natural dog treats are the gift that keeps on giving. $10.99

Patchwork Christmas Llama

Every pup, especially senior pups, need a new toy for Christmas. The Patchwork Christmas Llama is soft and snuggly with a squeaker for playtime. $15.99

Fashion Pet Reindeer Sweater

Your senior dog can be cozy and festive for the holidays with the Fashion Pet Reindeer Sweater. It comes in all sizes for the best fit for your furry friends. $25.99 – $43.99

Primitives by Kathy Bandana

Let everyone know your senior dog is Santa’s Favorite with an adorable bandana. Your pup will be the cutest one at the Christmas party. $6.99-$9.99

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Cats

Everyone knows cats can be picky. At Hollywood Feed, we like to think of it as “refined taste.” When shopping for all your feline friends this Christmas, be sure to check out these purrfect gift options.

Kong Naturals Cat Scratchers

Kong Naturals Cat Scratchers satisfy your cat’s instinct to scratch and provide an appropriate place for your cat to express its claws. Sprinkle a pinch of catnip on top of the corrugated cardboard, and your cat will be in cat scratcher heaven. $9.99

Kong Refillable Feather Mouse

If your cat is crazy for catnip, this is the ultimate toy. These soft and snuggly plush toys have a reclosable pouch to hold fresh catnip securely in place. Store the catnip in the freezer before refilling to keep it extra fresh. $5.99

Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Now this is a gift for you and your cat! For you, never having to scoop a litter box sounds pretty great, right? And for your cat, never having to deal with a dirty box is an aMEOWzing prospect. With the Scoop Free Self-Cleaning litter box, simply change out the refill tray every couple of weeks. No scooping required. $139.95 – $169.95

Greenies Salmon

Does your cat have stinky breath? Greenies can help. The unique shape and crunchy texture are proven to reduce tartar. Your cat will just think they are a delicious snack. $1.99 – $3.99

Goli Whisker Teaser

Cats enjoy getting new toys just like we do. The Goli Whisker Teaser is a unique twist on a classic cat toy that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours. Plus, it’s infused with organic catnip to ensure a long-lasting sensational smell. $3.49


Patchwork Christmas Wand with Feathers

Despite sleeping upwards of 18 hours every day, cats are the ultimate athletes and skilled hunters. They are exercised both mentally and physically by toys that mimic prey. Try a wand toy! Designed to entice your cat to stalk, jump, run, and have a blast playing!

Walking Palm Cat Cave

Cats love to curl up in small, cozy spaces. The Walking Palm Cat Cave is a favorite among even the finickiest felines! The cat cave is made by hand with all-natural wool, making it durable and inviting. Your cat can nap in style. $39.99

Nootie Waterless Shampoo

While most cats are not fans of bath time, they do enjoy feeling clean. Nootie’s Waterless Foaming Shampoo is gentle, soap-free, and made with natural ingredients. No rinsing required means no stress.  $10.99

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Pampered Pooches

All pups deserve a little pampering, especially around the holidays. Whether it’s a shiny new collar or a day at the spaw, we’ve got the products you’ll need to make your dog feel special. Check out some pawfect gift ideas for all the pampered pooches in your life.

1. – 3. Hollywood Feed Snooze Pad, Collars, and Leash Matching Sets

For the dog who has everything, does he have a bed that matches his stylish collar and leash? Hollywood Feed Mississippi Made Snooze Pads are great for pups who love to lounge and are super easy to clean. The Snooze Pads also fit perfectly inside our Hollywood Feed wire crates for extra comfort. Plus, select new patterns are available in our Mississippi Made collars and leashes to complete the entire look! $15.99 – $54.99

4. Spot Christmas Furzz

These adorable Spot Furzz dog toys really rock the holiday plaid theme. The stuffed head with a squeaker and a stuffing free body makes these toys the perfect present for pampered pups who love to shake and toss around their toys at the holiday gathering. $12.99

5. Hollywood Feed Milked in Mississippi Handmade Goat’s Milk Bath Bars

For the at home spa day, Milked in Mississippi bath bars are a great way to soothe itchy, dry skin. Made with only four ingredients, these bath bars are gentle and mild but effective when it comes to cleaning. Your pup will feel like a new dog after using this at bath time! $9.99

6. Nootie Daily Spritz Sweet Pea & Vanilla

Pampered pups always appreciate looking and smelling great, and we know, the smelling great part can be a challenge. That’s where Nootie’s Daily Spritz in Sweet Pea & Vanilla comes to the rescue. Simply spray on your dog’s coat to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean between baths while conditioning. Nootie’s Daily Spritz is made with natural ingredients and is soap and paraben free. $12.99

7. Aroma Paws Lavender Chamomile Shampoo & Conditioner

To really complete the look of a pampered pooch, a calming bath with Aroma Paws Lavender Chamomile Shampoo & Conditioner is in order. As a shampoo and conditioner in one, it cleans and lathers well using safe ingredients of organic honey, vitamin B5 and botanical extracts like green tea leaf. $10.99

8. Bluestem Vanilla Mint Oral Spray

To keep your dog feeling her best, daily dental health routines are key. Bluestem’s Vanilla Mint Oral Spray is an easy-to-use and highly effective method of freshening your pet’s breath and strengthening her long-term oral health. $21.99

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Treat Lovers

The way to most pets’ hearts is through their stomachs. So if you want to give your pet the ultimate gift this Christmas, check out some of our most popular, mouthwatering, tail wagging treats that could be the perfect presents for all the dogs in your life.

Hollywood Feed Pennsylvania Made Burgers

Does your dog hover by the grill when you cook burgers? Get him his very own bag of doggie suitable burgers in pork, chicken or turkey. Made in Pennsylvania with wholesome, carefully sourced ingredients, the real meat makes it fantastic for picky pups. The fun burger shaped treats are slow roasted on open racks to retain the flavor your pup will love.

Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Jerky

Hollywood Feed Georgia Smoked Jerky treats have simple, limited ingredient recipes so they’re a great option for dogs with sensitive tummies. Unique proteins like Wild Boar and Venison will have your dog begging for more so consider gifting your pup one of each flavor!

Nothin’ to Hide

If you’re looking for a longer lasting treat that’s an alternative to rawhide, Nothin’ to Hide Dog Chews are 96% digestible and come in shapes and sizes for every type of pooch. These chews will help promote strong teeth and healthy gums AND keep your pup from getting the winter boredom blues.

Lord Jameson Gingerbread Candy Cane

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the dog with a sweet tooth? Made with 100% organic, human grade ingredients, your dog will flip for this gingerbread recipe.  The delicious treats taste sweet and are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Fromm Crunchy O’s Blueberry Blasts

Fromm Crunchy O’s are like a classic dog biscuit with a twist. For dogs who love the crunch, these will not disappoint. And with flavors like Smokin’ CheesePlosions and Pot Roast Punchers, your picky pup won’t complain. At only 2 calories per treat, your dog can enjoy several without spoiling the Christmas feast.

Hollywood Feed Bakery Biscuits

Gift the gift of homemade. Hollywood Feed’s Fresh Bakery offers baked treats homemade with the highest quality ingredients and cooked fresh daily in our kitchen in Memphis, Tennessee.

Primal Raw Beef Marrow Bones

For the serious chewers in your life, Primal Raw Beef Marrow bones are an excellent gift that will entertain for hours. Sizes vary so be sure you pick the appropriate one for your pup.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a favorite chew among most chew connoisseurs. They are highly digestible and come in different sizes depending on your dog. While they don’t last as long as the raw beef bones, they are sure to keep your pup occupied and engaged.

Hollywood Feed’s Gift Guide for Puppies

It’s difficult to think of better Christmas cheer than an adorable puppy. If you’re bringing home a new fur baby this holiday season, be sure you have all the essentials first. Then, when the time finally comes to welcome your new puppy, you’ll be ready for anything. So let us help you deck the paws with puppy must haves.

KONG Puppy Toys

Puppies are teething machines! If you want to avoid your new puppy chewing on shoes, furniture, and everything in between, KONG puppy toys are a perfect option to save your belongings from sharp, little puppy teeth.

KONG puppy toys are designed with a soft rubber that is gentle on your puppy’s growing baby teeth and gums. Add in some puppy safe peanut butter and treats (Be sure to not overdo it and spoil dinner!), stick the KONG in the freezer, and give to your puppy for extra relief from the growing pains. $6.49 – $11.49



Hollywood Feed Nylon Collar

It’s important to get your puppy used to a collar at an early age. That way, when your pup has completed all its puppy vaccinations and is able to make trips in public, the collar and leash won’t be unfamiliar. Most importantly, you will need to keep an identification tag on your pup’s collar in case it gets lost.

Hollywood Feed Nylon Collars are great for dogs of all ages and especially puppies. Not only are the collars easy to clean and durable, they come with a lifetime chew guarantee. If the collar gets chewed or torn, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. The collars are also adjustable, which allows your puppy plenty of grow room. $6.99 – $9.99


Prudence Absolute Immune Health Supplement

Your puppy’s immune system is based primarily in its gut, and as your pup develops so does its immune system. Any change in diet, such as going from one puppy food to another brand, can impact your new pet’s immune system.

Prudence Absolute Immune Health – High Potency is a daily supplement formulated to boost your puppy’s health and immune system through a special blend of nutrients. Just add a scoop of the powder to your pet’s food each day. Most dogs love the taste. $54.99 – $89.99





Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover

Get ready – your puppy is going to make A LOT of messes. Whether you use a crate to help potty train or just try to take your puppy outside every few hours, there will be an adjustment period where lots of messes will happen. Your puppy has to learn so much, from where is okay to potty to what is okay to chew, that sometimes it all gets confusing. Be patient and know that consistency will help with any training. Also, using an enzyme based cleaner for your puppy’s messes will help ensure the stain is removed entirely.

Hollywood Feed Stain & Odor Remover is made with natural and organic ingredients and is sourced 100% in the USA. It uses an enzymatic blend to break down organic stains and remove lingering odors. It’s also environmentally friendly, gentle, and safe for use around children and pets. $12.99


Benebone 2-Piece Puppy Pack

Your puppy will be teething up until its about six months old so it’s crucial you continue to provide appropriate teething toys or risk losing a shoe.

The Benebone 2-Piece Puppy Pack is designed specifically for growing puppies. The different shapes provide variety and the bacon flavor keeps your puppy engaged. The puppy pack is for pups that are 15lbs or smaller and will keep them entertained for hours. $12.56

Hollywood Feed Nylon Leash

Leash training a new puppy can be difficult. That’s why it’s smart to get your new pup accustomed to a leash and collar. Putting a leash on your puppy for a few minutes at first and using positive reinforcement when your puppy doesn’t try to eat the leash will go a long way toward acclimating your puppy to being on a leash. Once your puppy has received all its vaccinations and is able to explore in public, leash training and walks will be much easier if your pup has already been introduced to the leash.

Hollywood Feed Nylon Leashes are easy to clean, durable, and come with a lifetime chew guarantee. $6.87 – $16.87

Hollywood Feed Wire Crate

Crates are an essential training and safety tool for puppies. Think of it as your puppy’s very own safe place, where it can nap and have quiet time away from the chaos of the holidays. It is also peace of mind for puppy parents. When you’re unable to supervise your pup, a crate is the best option to keep you new furry family member from getting into dangerous situations, like crawling under couches or chewing on electrical wires.

Hollywood Feed crates come with a sturdy, plastic removable pan for easy cleaning. There are one and two door varieties for all shapes and sizes. They even come with a handy training guide to help you introduce your puppy to the crate properly. $19.89 – $76.99


Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies

When it comes to toys for puppies, the more variety you have, the better. If you provide your new pup with fun, interesting toys, you’ll worry less about your puppy wanting to chew on one of your sock’s instead.

Hollywood Feed Nubbie Buddies come in lots of cute, plush characters in two sizes. Best part is they are two toys in one – a soft outer toy and an inner squeaky soft spiky ball that massages your dog’s teeth.



older blonde dog's face resting on floor

Is My Dog or Cat in Pain?

Dogs and cats feel pain just like humans. Whether it’s soreness, infection, muscle injury, dental problems, or other discomfort, it’s important to remember dogs and cats often express pain in ways that require you to pay close attention. While some symptoms of pain are obvious, like whimpering or trembling, subtle changes in behavior might also be an indication there is an underlying issue with your pet.

Common Dog Pain Symptoms

Noticeable signs of pain in dogs include anxiety, rapid breathing, whining, and shivering. Less noticeable signs of pain can be lack of appetite, lethargy, and elevated heart rate. If your dog’s behavior is different from his usual happy self, he could be in pain. It’s crucial that you monitor your pet and let your veterinarian know of these behavioral changes.

Cats and Pain

It can be more difficult to spot pain in cats than dogs because cats are notorious for hiding their pain. It’s believed that this behavior is evolutionary; a visibly sick or injured cat is much more of a target to predators and other members of the group. In order to not appear weak, cats learned to mask discomfort.

Common Cat Pain Symptoms

Determining whether a cat is in pain can be difficult, so it’s important to watch for changes in behavior.  Obvious signs include hiding, withdrawing from human interaction, loss of appetite, and anxiety. An article by Genelle Weule from ABC Science outlines how veterinarians can use a tool called the Feline Grimace Scale (FGS) to assess pain in cats. Using distinctions in features such as the eyes, ears, and whiskers, veterinarians can determine differing levels of pain in cats, and this scale can also be helpful for cat parents. However, there are drawbacks to the scale. If a cat is on medication or has undergone surgery, the distinctive facial features of the FGS are less likely to indicate pain.

Pay Close Attention

Since our pets are unable to communicate any pain or discomfort they may be feeling, it’s our job as pet parents to observe their behavior closely and convey these changes to their veterinarian. The more specific you can describe your dog or cat’s demeanor changes, the more likely your veterinarian will be able to home in on the issue or make more informed recommendations to help your pet get better.