Is Your Dog Stressed by the Pandemic Too?

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Meet The Expert

Claudine Wilkins is a former prosecutor and renowned animal law expert. She is the founder of The Animal Protection Society (TAPS), Animal Law Source (ALS), the Animal Protection Conference & Expo (APCE), and past chair of the State Bar of GA’s Animal Law Section.

She is the author of How to Investigate and Prosecute Animal Cruelty, numerous articles and is a contributing author for Pet Life Magazine. Claudine is also a frequent speaker in Georgia, nationally and internationally.

Claudine is committed to turning the next generation into animal protectors, ghting animal cruelty, and increasing the awareness of “the link” between human crimes and animal crimes, puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, dog bite prevention and other animal-related causes.

Wanting to make resources accessible, Claudine created ALS, a division of TAPS, which provides free online resources on relevant state laws, rules and best practices. TAPS provides a resource website, webinars, individual assistance on cases, live targeted training, community education events and the APCE Expo ( in its 22nd year and in 2019 boasted over 600 attendees from across the country). She has built a team of teachers and experts who continue to be the game-changers leading the fight to protect animals and end animal cruelty.

In the last three decades, Ms. Wilkins has shaped the way our justice system responds to animal cases. Through her work, better laws are on the books, accessible education is online and thousands of animals have been rescued from neglect and abuse.

Claudine Wilkins, JD MELP, headshot