Dog Chews: Which Ones are Right for Your Dog?

Meet the Expert

Evanthia Martin has been with Hollywood Feed for nearly 4 years. The majority of that time she managed the purchasing of treats and chews while monitoring the food safety of all manufacturing partners in that category, including managing the food safety for the Hollywood Feed Fresh Bakery. To properly do this, she trained to be a PCQI (Preventative Controls Qualified Individual) and became certified in Allergen Management, Environmental Monitoring, Internal Auditing, Supplier Auditing, and Pet Food Formulation. Evanthia created deep relationships with all treat and chew vendors by asking questions about their processes, ingredients, and more while also diligently researching to ensure all practices created the safest experience for all pets enjoying any snack from Hollywood Feed. In her free time, Evanthia enjoys snuggling with her 13-year-old Puggle “Groupie,” renovating her home with her husband, cooking Greek food with her two young children and training for marathons. 

About This Class

Join us as we hear from one of our treat experts, Evanthia Martin, as she breaks down everything you need to know about dog chews and why finding your pet’s favorite is important. As one of Hollywood Feed’s resident Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI), Evanthia has extensive training in food safety and has been involved in every step of our private label treat production, from sourcing to the shelf. Evanthia will discuss the types of bones and chews available, which are most popular, and the key benefits of each. She’ll also describe how to select a chew that is right for your dog to ensure proper safety and maximum enjoyment.

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