Proper Puppy Nutrition

Dr. Gregory Sunvold | Ph.D.

With over 25 years of pet food industry experience and over 200 scientific publications, Dr. Greg Sunvold provides expert pet nutrition advice to improve and create many diverse pet products marketed globally.  Having actively practiced in the field of the microbiome throughout his entire career, Dr. Sunvold leverages this deep technical knowledge to actively identify ways to apply innovations arising from this area into the pet food industry.  As a result, he founded Microbiome Health, LLC, in order to commercially advance products based on these innovative microbiome technologies. 

About This Class

After you have made the lifelong decision of bringing a new puppy into your home, the next decision on what to feed them may be the most important choice of all. Puppies, like babies, need a diet that is nutritious and balanced, which provides them with the foundation to a long,healthy life.

Join us as we hear Dr. Greg Sunvold describe how to best feed puppies. With over 25 years of experience in pet nutrition, Dr. Sunvold is well-versed in complete and balanced formulations, as well as supplements and treats that will help puppies reach their full potential.

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