Puppy Training

Amy Lear - Dog Trainer, and her pup.


Amy Lear began her journey in animal rescue at the age of 6 by volunteering for PALS – Protectors of Animal Life Society in East Winthrop, Maine. From an early age she knew she wanted to work with animals, so becoming a dog trainer was an easy choice.

Lear graduated from The University of Memphis in 1996, and worked in the corporate world for years while continuing dog and cat rescue in her spare time. In 2009, she decided to follow her dream and enrolled in The Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer Program. She obtained her ABC Dog Trainer certification in 2010 and started her dog training as a side job. It was a hobby at first, but grew rapidly.

Lear became a nationally recognized Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2013 which allowed her to add CPDT-KA to her certifications. In 2013, she decided to leave the corporate world and become a full-time dog trainer. She opened her company PALS Dog Training, LLC. She also obtained her Cat Trainer certification in 2017 from The Animal Behavior College.

Lear continues to work with rescue groups and shelters to this day. She has worked with thousands of dogs, all breeds and all ages.

During normal operation, PALS Dog Training, LLC offers group classes and training at The Pet Hospitals. She also offers private training at individuals’ homes. Lear is a behavior specialist and uses only force-free positive methods.

About This Class

Knowing how to communicate with your new puppy is key to a happy relationship from the start. Your puppy learns a lot in its first few months, and it’s up to you to show your new furry family member the ropes.

Join certified trainer Amy Lear as she discusses puppy obedience, like potty training, crate training, proper leash walking, teething tips, and basic commands to ensure your puppy learns good behavior from positive reinforcement at an early age.

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