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Read recap blogs from the Master Class class videos taught by the same experts that teach Hollywood feed team members. Veterinarians, Certified Trainers, and more.

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Reading Time: 5 MIN What is Fostering? Most know fostering as it relates to children in our community, but pets also

Reading Time: 4 MIN Best to Err on the Side of Unsafe Choking Hazards Any animal can choke on anything at

Reading Time: 12 MIN History of Cats and People Cats weren’t really domesticated. Instead, cats and humans started hanging out together.

Reading Time: 6 MIN IVDD Worldwide, 9 plus million dogs suffer from disc disease. IVDD is a disease characterized by the

Reading Time: 6 MIN Unleash your Inner Muttgyer! This class is the life-saving bridge between the “uh-oh” and the vet clinic. 

Reading Time: 6 MIN What Defines a Senior Pet? Many people aren’t sure if their dog or cat qualifies as a

Reading Time: 4 MIN Protecting Your Pet from Discomfort What does this mean for petting? You may have heard of a

Reading Time: 9 MIN Session 1: Pregnancy and Pets The First Trimester – How to Manage Your Dogs During the Start

Reading Time: 3 MIN *The views expressed in this presentation are my own and do no not reflect those of companies

Reading Time: 9 MIN The Sounds Cats Make Cats make about 100 sounds. Dogs make about 10 sounds. One of the

Reading Time: 6 MIN Why Do Dogs Enjoy Bones and Chews? Dogs’ ancestors ate most of the prey they killed, including

Reading Time: 4 MIN Tear Stains What are tear stains and why do they happen? Tear stains are stains around a