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Read recap blogs from the Master Class class videos taught by the same experts that teach Hollywood feed team members. Veterinarians, Certified Trainers, and more.

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Reading Time: 16 MIN What is Separation Anxiety? Technically, separation anxiety is a medical term that can only be diagnosed by

Reading Time: 8 MIN Learning About Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats Ever notice your pet having redness or itchiness around

Reading Time: 9 MIN What are dogs and cats designed to eat?   Dogs and cats are carnivores. However, they are

Reading Time: 11 MIN Many Emergencies Can Be Easily Prevented After working in emergency pet medicine, I realized that many owners

Reading Time: 7 MIN Canine Dental Anatomy Adult dogs have 42 teeth. As puppies, they are born without teeth. By the

Reading Time: 5 MIN Strategies for Training Success with Adolescent Dogs Adolescence is like puppyhood, only harder. This developmental stage is

Reading Time: 9 MIN New Puppy Basics The age range of 3 – 12 weeks is the most impressionable time for

Reading Time: 11 MIN Get It Right from the Start Apply nutritional principles to choosing a pet food. There is a

Reading Time: 5 MIN What Makes an Emergency? An emergency is a situation in which your pet needs immediate attention in

Reading Time: 14 MIN Allergic Symptoms in Dogs and Cats Scratching is typically the first symptom we think about with allergies.

Reading Time: 5 MIN Our Bond with Animals In the 1970s, Biologist Edward Wilson coined the phrase biophilia to describe humans’

Reading Time: 4 MIN How Has Covid-19 Affected Our Pets? Not only have our normal routines been altered by Covid-19, our