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Teach Your Dog to Wait Before Exiting the Crate in 5 Minutes

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Having a dog that understands they can’t barge out the crate door every time it’s opened is precious. It can potentially save their life by giving you the opportunity to put a leash on them and potentially keep them out of the street.

It’s such an easy and quick thing to teach your dog, and there’s an opportunity for training literally every time you get your dog out of the crate.

Here’s the low down:

  1. Open the crate door.
  2. If your dog begins to walk out shut the door before he reaches it. *Try not to slam their little face with the door!
  3. Wait quietly until he sits down then open the door again.
  4. Repeat until the dog waits patiently then release him with your exit cue. I use the word, “out.”
  5. Reward lavishly!

Once you begin teaching your dog to exit patiently from the crate, you can also use the same technique with the front door!

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