sad chocolate lab puppy missed the training pad and peed on the floor

Oopsy! There’s a Poopsy! What to do if your pup has an accident in the crate or house.

It’s important to know how to handle an accident in the house. Never scold your dog. This can teach him to pick a more secluded area, away from you, in the house to eliminate. It can also encourage a dog to eat his feces to hide the fact that he had an accident. It’s your fault if they have had an accident because you didn’t take them out frequently enough, or you weren’t supervising them. You can go ahead and punish yourself by rubbing your nose in the accident, instead of your puppy’s.

If you see your puppy in the middle of eliminating in the house:

  1. Interrupt them with by saying “oops!” and carry them outside immediately. Place him down in the appropriate potty spot and wait for him to finish.
  2. As he is eliminating calmly say your cue word and “good boy.” When he’s finished, give him tons of praise!
  3. Be sure to clean up the mess thoroughly. Use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate any traces of animal waste.
  4. Now, supervise your puppy better, and give him the opportunity to potty in the appropriate spot by taking him out more frequently.
  5. It’s important to watch your puppy and if you suspect they potty more frequently than they should, take them to the vet. There are several common issues that could be present and are easily fixed with medication, including a urinary tract infection.

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2 thoughts on “Oopsy! There’s a Poopsy! What to do if your pup has an accident in the crate or house.”

  1. Wendy Castilleja says:

    Hi my male puppy goes in the house even if we take him out why?

    1. Bob says:

      Perhaps he has too much free roaming space in your home. Start small and potty train well, before expanding his in-house territory.

      And, this is a great article that covers potty training, even though it is ultimately about crate training:

      Wishing you and your puppy the best!

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