Reading Time: 6 MIN Introduction I’m Colleen Ellis, the founder of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center. Today, I want to discuss

Reading Time: 5 MIN National Dog and Cat Gut Health Awareness Day, celebrated annually on September 21st, is a day dedicated

Reading Time: 4 MIN As a dog owner, ensuring your pet is comfortable and safe during walks is paramount. The right

Reading Time: 3 MIN Moving to a new state can be an exhilarating journey, but it also comes with its unique

Reading Time: 3 MIN Cats have been companions to humans for thousands of years. They are known for their independence, agility,

Reading Time: 3 MIN As you deck the paws and search for last minute presents, here are some of our favorite

Reading Time: 3 MIN Dogs are not just our four-legged friends, they are teachers in their own right. They teach us

Reading Time: 5 MIN Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign could guide you to your perfect feline friend? In

Reading Time: 4 MIN As the calendar flips to September, the city of Memphis, TN, gears up for a unique celebration.

Reading Time: 4 MIN In our modern era, tech isn’t just for humans anymore. Pets and their owners are reaping the

Reading Time: 4 MIN As cat parents, we can all agree that there’s nothing more entertaining than watching our feline friends

Reading Time: 4 MIN As a cat parent, you’ve probably noticed that not all cats are the same. Some are playful

happy dog sits outside with leaves falling around him

What Is Your Dog Thankful For?

Reading Time: 2 MIN Thanksgiving is right around the corner. On this day, we humans will be enjoying spending time with the family and friends we love. During the

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close up of dog eye
Training & Behavior

7 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Reading Time: 2 MIN November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! I have two senior dogs, Annie (9) and Skeeter (10) as well as a senior cat, Fender (10)!

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dalmation wears happy new year tiara
Training & Behavior

Your Pets Have Goals, Too!

Reading Time: 4 MIN Let’s not forget about our pets as we set goals for the year! Maybe Spot has gained a few pounds with age and needs to

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black dog sits next to pile of fur

Shedding Season is Upon Us

Reading Time: 2 MIN My first sign of Spring???? SHEDDING! It’s true, many dogs shed year round, but twice a year (spring and fall) dogs with double coats “blow” their

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two dogs in cage sniff hand

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Reading Time: 2 MIN Spring is in the air, and it’s beautiful outside! While we’re all getting out into the sunshine with our best furry friends, let’s not forget

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Man takes son and dog for ride in bike basket
Fitness & Activity

Dog Days of Summer Safety

Reading Time: 2 MIN Naptimes at my house are some of the best parts of my day. I get to sit back and work on whatever I want-like writing

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