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Reading Time: 3 MIN The majestic Saint Bernard dog breed is renowned for its massive size, gentle demeanor, and heroic reputation

Reading Time: 5 MIN Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but some breeds truly stand out for their impressive stature.

Reading Time: 2 MIN Calling all canine connoisseurs! Does your pup deserve a refreshing summer beverage as much as you do?

Reading Time: 3 MIN Our furry companions bring so much joy and unconditional love into our lives. Whether your celebrating your

Reading Time: 4 MIN Spaniels, with their floppy ears, soulful eyes, and boundless energy, are some of the most popular dog

Reading Time: 4 MIN The sighthound world boasts some truly majestic breeds, but for those seeking a sleek and speedy companion

Reading Time: 5 MIN Siberian Husky vs Alaskan Malamute, with their thick double coats and piercing eyes, embody the spirit of

Reading Time: 6 MIN Mealtime for our furry companions can be a messy and frantic affair. Bowls are emptied in seconds,

Reading Time: 4 MIN Introduction Hey everyone, it’s Jacque Bonéy from Allegiance Canine here!  I am thankful for the privilege for

Reading Time: 4 MIN Your dog is your furry best friend, and providing them with a safe and comfortable space is

Reading Time: 2 MIN Looking for a special way to celebrate Dog Mom’s Day 2024? Dive into this delightful DIY project

Reading Time: 6 MIN I love to travel with pets. When I pet sit, I am surrounded by dogs and cats

Hollywood Feed Education Blogs
woman pets bulldog outdoors
Health & Nutrition

Bad Breath Busters

Reading Time: 5 MIN We all know the smell of puppy breath! It may not be the most pleasant of smells, but there’s also something endearing about a tiny

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older blonde dog's face resting on floor
Health & Nutrition

Is My Dog or Cat in Pain?

Reading Time: 2 MIN Dogs and cats feel pain just like humans. Whether it’s soreness, infection, muscle injury, dental problems, or other discomfort, it’s important to remember dogs and

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funny puppy with banana in front of face like a smile
Health & Nutrition

What Fruits are Safe for Dogs?

Reading Time: 3 MIN Summer equals delicious fruits that, of course, we want to share with our best four-legged friends. Before you hand your pup a piece of whatever

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senior dog rests on porch
Fitness & Activity

How Can I Help My Aging Pet?

Reading Time: 6 MIN I have noticed that over the past year, my eldest dog Skeeter has been slowing down. He’s only 11, and I thought that I would have

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