Reading Time: 5 MIN There are a wide variety of pet supplements available today. Your pet may benefit from one or several,

Reading Time: 3 MIN People pay a lot of attention to what we feed our pets, but how we feed them

Reading Time: 4 MIN More cats are being kept as indoor pets than ever before. As natural hunters and predators, they’re

Reading Time: 4 MIN As cat owners, we’ve all experienced the seemingly endless shedding of our feline friends. But have you

Reading Time: 6 MIN Introduction Hello, I’m Dr. Scott Huggins, the Scientific Services veterinarian at Farmina Pet Foods for North America.

Reading Time: 2 MIN With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to plan a special meal, not just for the

Reading Time: 3 MIN November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a time dedicated to advocating for the adoption of older

Reading Time: 6 MIN Dogs have earned their reputation as “man’s best friend” for their loyalty, companionship, and unwavering love. However,

Reading Time: 3 MIN Choosing a dog breed can be an exciting yet challenging task. With so many adorable options, it’s

Reading Time: 3 MIN As the holiday season approaches, many pet owners are excited to decorate their homes with twinkling lights,

Reading Time: 3 MIN Congratulations! You’ve decided to welcome a furry friend into your home. As exciting as it is, being

Reading Time: 2 MIN What better way to brighten your week than with funny pet photoshoot bloopers! Sometimes, our photoshoots with

girl running outside with a german shepherd dog
Fitness & Activity

10 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Reading Time: 4 MIN 10 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog We all know that exercise is important, both for our physical and mental health. But sometimes it can

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Traning Tips & Tricks

Surviving Your Puppy’s Teenage Phase

Reading Time: 4 MIN What is Adolescence in Dogs? Adolescence is the period of development between six and twelve months of age, sometimes longer for larger breed dogs. It’s

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short haired dog getting topical flea medicine on his neck
Health & Nutrition

What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

Reading Time: 6 MIN What do flea bites look like? And how to stop them from invading your pets and home and YOU. Let’s not sugar coat it— fleas

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Senior cat looking over the shoulder of their human

Celebrate International Rescue Cat Day!

Reading Time: 4 MIN Celebrate International Rescue Cat Day! Every year, on March 2nd, the world celebrates International Rescue Cat Day. This day is dedicated to highlighting the joys

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dog and cat in the grass with the sun shining
Health & Nutrition

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Reading Time: 5 MIN Cancer is a pervasive illness that affects all people. Everyone has a friend, relative, or pet who has battled cancer. November is Pet Cancer Awareness

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puppy yellow lab waiting to get vaccination from vets
Health & Nutrition

Wondering Whether to Vaccinate?

Reading Time: 5 MIN There are differing opinions among pet parents on the safety and necessity of dog vaccines. No matter with which side of the argument you agree,

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beagle high fiving woman owner
Traning Tips & Tricks

Dog Training with Pawsitive Focus

Reading Time: 6 MIN Hollywood Feed’s Silent Auction benefiting local rescues and shelters was a way for us to give back to the community during the holiday season. Proceeds

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puppy french bulldog in the arms of a lady
Health & Nutrition

How to Budget for Your Pet

Reading Time: 4 MIN How to Budget for Your Pet Are you the type of pet owner who treats their furry friends like family members? If so, it’s important

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close-up of tabby cat on back
Health & Nutrition

Learning About Litter

Reading Time: 3 MIN When you are buying litter for the first time, here are a few things to consider. First of all, know that the most important determining

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