Reading Time: 5 MIN There are a wide variety of pet supplements available today. Your pet may benefit from one or several,

Reading Time: 3 MIN People pay a lot of attention to what we feed our pets, but how we feed them

Reading Time: 4 MIN More cats are being kept as indoor pets than ever before. As natural hunters and predators, they’re

Reading Time: 4 MIN As cat owners, we’ve all experienced the seemingly endless shedding of our feline friends. But have you

Reading Time: 6 MIN Introduction Hello, I’m Dr. Scott Huggins, the Scientific Services veterinarian at Farmina Pet Foods for North America.

Reading Time: 2 MIN With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to plan a special meal, not just for the

Reading Time: 3 MIN November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a time dedicated to advocating for the adoption of older

Reading Time: 6 MIN Dogs have earned their reputation as “man’s best friend” for their loyalty, companionship, and unwavering love. However,

Reading Time: 3 MIN Choosing a dog breed can be an exciting yet challenging task. With so many adorable options, it’s

Reading Time: 3 MIN As the holiday season approaches, many pet owners are excited to decorate their homes with twinkling lights,

Reading Time: 3 MIN Congratulations! You’ve decided to welcome a furry friend into your home. As exciting as it is, being

Reading Time: 2 MIN What better way to brighten your week than with funny pet photoshoot bloopers! Sometimes, our photoshoots with

white and brown cat bathing on a wooden table
Health & Nutrition

Can Pets Have Allergies?

Reading Time: 5 MIN Can Pets Have Allergies? Are you a pet owner concerned that your beloved fur-baby might have an allergy? You’re not alone – allergies are surprisingly

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golden retriever smiling and licking a pink toothbrush
Health & Nutrition

National Pet Dental Health Month

Reading Time: 4 MIN National Pet Dental Health Month February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Proper pet oral hygiene can help protect pets from serious health and dental

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yellow lab with blue collar being fed a training treat
Fitness & Activity

Puppy Training Checklist

Reading Time: 4 MIN Did you get a new puppy and want to start training them as soon as possible? The first steps in training your puppy can be

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how to clean dog toys
Health & Nutrition

How to Clean Dog Toys

Reading Time: 3 MIN The holidays bring about love, time with your family and fur babies, and lots of new toys! If your dog was on the nice list

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woman hugs golden retriever with 5 kittens in lap
Health & Nutrition

Pet Fostering 101

Reading Time: 5 MIN What is Fostering? Most know fostering as it relates to children in our community, but pets also benefit from fostering. A foster home is a

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